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Hunting Season

     You may remember this one from last year, but now that the hunting season is here again, it “triggered”  a reminder for me… Don’t go into the woods right now, and it also reminded me of a song that I don’t … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The Aurora Tragedy

     On Sunday I was thinking of the horror that had occurred in Aurora, Colorado late last week, and this poem came out of those thoughts. Also another poem seemed to follow in its path, and I would like to share … Continue reading

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A Name Upon This Wall

     As I said yesterday, my friend Bim,(Eileen) inspired this poem when she mentioned that she was going to go down to the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington, D.C. in November in honor of Veteran’s Day. She asked me if I had ever written anything … Continue reading

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The Bible Or The Gun

      At last post I promised to publish a poem today and I will do that forthwith, however, I said it was going to be “Understand Your Freedom, Understand”, but instead of that one I’m going to give you this first, … Continue reading

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The Right to Bear Arms

     Let me start by saying I do not own a gun… I do however, support the “Right to Bear Arms” movement in this country. Do Not let them take away that RIGHT. Just watch the international news, every time that there … Continue reading

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