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My Daddy Was A Wise Man

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads today.. Some of us will remember them for what they taught us, and some of you, will someday remember, what they have taught you.       May you rest in peace Dad … Continue reading

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     I was asked a few years ago to write a poem that would be appropriate for a class reunion, and especially one that would recognize those classmates who would be forever, unable to attend. The following was the result of that request. … Continue reading

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My Daddy Was A Wise Man

     In honor of Father’s Day, I will re-blog this poem in memory of my dad, afterall he was the inspiration for it.      Thanks dad, may you rest in peace. Jack. MY DADDY WAS A WISE MAN I remember my daddy … Continue reading

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Tall Tales And Bald Faced Lies

     I told you we were going to get away from the dark and sinister posts for a couple of days, so here is the next installment from the brighter side, of the disturbed mind of yours truly. I hope you read … Continue reading

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Children In Haiku

      Hai, it is time for Haiku. Rong time not post in Haiku. Prease take a molment to lead the forrowing.       Wha..What?  Oh, I do apologize for the previous paragraph, one of my, poriticarry incollect, (cut it out) politically incorrect personalities, who unfortunately, shares the blogging duties … Continue reading

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If Jesus Had A Brother

     Please excuse me if this poem sounds or seems somewhat sacrilegious, it was not intended to be so..It is just another example of what goes on in this head of mine, when I start thinking..Rare as that may be…The beginnings … Continue reading

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     In keeping with the theme mentioned in yesterday’s post, another of the seven..I must say that they are not all light and humorous. This would be an example.      I am hoping for a tremendous Tuesday for us all, Jake. Dopey … Continue reading

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The Human Recipe

     Sometimes I get asked, “where do you come up with this stuff?” Well, I thought about that and I came up with this analogy;      My mind is like the subway station, not much happens, until that train comes through. (but … Continue reading

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Reflections (page four)

     As Saturdays are generally a slow day in the blogging world,(at least in mine, they are) I thought it might be a good time to “Reflect.” And so to start us off… this crossed my “sick” mind yesterday and I thought I would share with … Continue reading

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The Hobos And The Tramps

     Last week as I was reading “The Yellow House Cafe” here at “libraryscene” had mentioned that “trains” was a prompt over at d’Verse and I got to thinking  what could I write about trains. So while driving to work … Continue reading

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