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Belle Of The Ball

     I have been trying to figure out how to explain to you, what you are about to experience over the next two days. First off, I must state UNEQUIVICALLY, that neither “character” that you are about to meet is a reflection of myself, in … Continue reading

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The Lost Wing Man

     As promised we are going to lighten up a little bit for the next few days, at least. Here is one of recent vintage, it’s a 2012 “Topo Gigio” (you’re really old if you remember Topo Gigio {sp?} on the … Continue reading

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Open To Scrutiny

      The following entry was started and finished in one day(12/13/11)..Very unusual, as the editing and rewriting process can take a while sometimes. I do hope it is worthy of your “Scrutiny”…      Please have a “watchful” Wednesday, Jake.  Open … Continue reading

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Garden of Smiles

©     Okay, enough doom and gloom, (although I do have a poem with that title) it’s time to get back to smilin’.  Again, more fiction, just so you know. I can’t remember growing tomatos, but, I don’t remember a lot of things anymore. (I wonder … Continue reading

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I Saw God Today

     Our world is full of beauty, our world is a present, our world is a reflection of  it’s Creator. Everywhere there is evidence of God‘s existence. All we have to do is look, just open our eyes and see! … Continue reading

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