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Unstack The Deck

     On Tuesday November 4th 2014 we, the American voters, have the opportunity to regain our nation and our Constitutional rights that were originally implemented, by men of great wisdom, to protect us from any and all abuse of … Continue reading

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The King’s Family

What riches bring to human kind  be not always joyful bliss, for hatred’s bred from out of greed, if but one coin, be missed. ~Jack Downing~ Enough said, Jake. The Kings Family Once there was a rich man, so rich, he thought he be, … Continue reading

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The Evening of All Saints

     Ghosts and ghouls, goblins and gremlins, leprechauns and unicorns (wouldn’t that be neat) ball players and ballerinas, kings and queens, aliens and action figures, yep, it’s Halloween again. I do not wish to keep bringing up the “good old days” theme but, … Continue reading

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Life Explained

     I do not know the person who wrote this, it was posted on the wall at work and no author was listed. But after reading it, I believed that it was certainly worth sharing. Hope you enjoy it. Jake.                                                        … Continue reading

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