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     We seem to take them for granted, that is, until foul weather makes us remember from whence it came. Clouds, those magnificent magnets of moisture, those mountains of “Marshmallow Fluff” floating on by at a pace, seemingly as slow as … Continue reading

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I Have Been Tagged

     Thanks to my new friend Denise over at I have been tagged. She was tagged by and she simply had to “Tag” someone else, actually she “tagged” several of us and after some mind and soul-searching, I think this is … Continue reading

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I Will Be

     Well, Rachel’s (my daughter) and Gregg’s wedding is but a week away….Time has been fleeting, and summer, a blur of colors, now waning…Has given way to ‘Bridal White’ and the new pallet from which all colors, henceforth, shall splash upon the canvas of their lives…To … Continue reading

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