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The March Wind

As a “tribute” to the winds of March that blustered and bullied us here in New England this past weekend.. The March Wind Tis the lion’s roar we feel this day as the March wind so bitterly bears the freeze … Continue reading

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The Gold Star Mother

     A few days ago a good blogging buddy of mine (Carl D’Agostino of: “I Know I Made You Smile”)* inspired the following poem, when he published the post: “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2015: Mother’s Day”** in which he … Continue reading

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The Visionary

     I have heard a lot of talk lately from people who are very much attuned to the spirituality of man and to most things of a biblical nature, about the “Rapture” and the “End of Days” and how … Continue reading

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Backyard Fun (The Pool)

     Number four in the backyard fun series. Kids don’t try this at home without sober adult supervision… As you will see, that rules me out, good luck!      Have a winsome Wednesday everyone, Jake. Backyard Fun (The Pool) As the weather got … Continue reading

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The “Hoolies”

     As I said of yesterday’ poem, that it may have been fitting for a Sunday, then this new poem, may be fitting for a Monday, but I hope it’s not too fitting. Have some fun with it but, heed the message.      I … Continue reading

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The Summer Of My Discontent

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     This poem is dedicated to the Boston Red Sox and their 2012 Major League Baseball effort season..IT WAS HORRIBLE! No, even worse than that…IT WAS A DISGRACE. ‘Red Sox Nation‘ should be appalled at the events and performances surrounding this … Continue reading

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     I found this one today in my song lyric file, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how I thought that this could be put to music. The following poem is a figment of my imagination … Continue reading

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The Center Road

     I was reminded of this poem today, as my wife and I were talking about a situation with some friends of hers and I happened to mention that it might be in her best interest to try to stay … Continue reading

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I Got Sciatica In Attica

      First and foremost, I must offer my full apologies to those of you with even a modicum of taste and decorum, *(consider that a warning) for the following post. Recently I have been involved with some back and forth banter … Continue reading

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His Saving Grace

     A poem for those desperate souls who may need reassuring this Sunday morning, that He, is always with us. I just finished it and I’m hoping that all of you will like it as much as I do.      No long Sunday sermon this week … Continue reading

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