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May the God that they worshiped grant unto them the peace for which they so bravely sacrificed themselves for us who are the living!    Arlington Crosses and stars perfectly rowed on manicured fields so patiently mowed. Red, white and … Continue reading

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U.S. Navy SEAL

     I was saving this one for a special moment, which I’m sure is looming on the horizon, but an e-mail that I received today changed my mind. In it there were pictures, some very graphic, of our troops in combat and … Continue reading

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A Name Upon This Wall

     As I said yesterday, my friend Bim,(Eileen) inspired this poem when she mentioned that she was going to go down to the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington, D.C. in November in honor of Veteran’s Day. She asked me if I had ever written anything … Continue reading

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Death Wears a White Face

      This is the fifth of six poems during ‘Native American Week’ here at It tells of the rapid demise of great nations, brought on by the white man and his sense of entitlement. His “might makes right” diplomacy, and the attitude … Continue reading

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