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Easter Sunday

    Back around Easter, as you may probably be aware, I started this poem and I had only the first three lines complete when I put it on the shelf for whatever reason and this morning I happened to … Continue reading

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The Good Shepherd

     It dawned on me yesterday that the good things in our lives come to us from Him. And most of the bad things of life, (excluding natural disasters which may be a warning) come from mankind itself. As … Continue reading

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The Dark Side Of Heaven

     Just a thought, or two, for a Sunday morning. It is a poem in need of pondering.      Please read and enjoy, Jake. The Dark Side Of Heaven There are those who will say that there isn’t a Hell and into its … Continue reading

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The Tears I Weep

     I wrote this last year in the wake of the “Batman” movie massacre, but as the events of this week here in Boston unfolded, it became increasingly clear that it applied to so many tragedies that are being perpetrated … Continue reading

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In A Time Of Mercy

     It is Sunday morning and a perfect time to post this one again. This was written during a brief, but very trying time in the lives of my family and myself. I won’t go back through the details, but I … Continue reading

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The Scream, The Screamer, And The Deed

     This one could be right out of a script for a crime show on TV. The seedier side of life, and the violence that goes with it, is part of everyday living and dying for some. Graphic violence is depicted in … Continue reading

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A Passing Conversation

      Feeling spiritual today, I don’t know if it is just the process of reflection on life, or because of Hurricane Sandy, that is about to smash into the east coast of the U.S..  But whatever the reason, I pray that He will answer all of the prayers … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The Aurora Tragedy

     On Sunday I was thinking of the horror that had occurred in Aurora, Colorado late last week, and this poem came out of those thoughts. Also another poem seemed to follow in its path, and I would like to share … Continue reading

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A Woman Named Flo

     THE BLUES, who doesn’t like to listen to the blues now and then? Ba ba ba baboom, ba boom, ba boom. Ba ba ba baboom, ba boom, ba boom. Yeah now you got it, that rhythm, that beat, that head noddin’,  foot tappin’, … Continue reading

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A Passing Conversation

     “Sunday morning coming down,” I loved that song when Johnny Cash sang it, that deep resonating voice of his..But, did you know it was written by Kris Kristofferson? ~ None of that however, has anything to do with today’s post, except … Continue reading

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