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Now Spring has arrived and now I must decide, which clothes that I can still wear. But I haven't lost any weight so I guess it's my fate to rummage through my closet and swear.

A Southbound Train

Okay facebook here it comes again..  Warning!! Political commentary on the tracks ahead! Please read and give it a lot of thought, before the upcoming elections. Have an American kind of day, Jake. A Southbound Train When I climbed aboard … Continue reading

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A Southbound Train

       Warning!! There’s a political commentary on the tracks ahead! All Aboard!!      Please just give it a read, and a lot of thought.      Have an American kind of day,   Jake.   A Southbound … Continue reading

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Pray For Me

     Just a little thought (and request) on a Sunday morning. I hope that all is well in your little corner of the world and that you will read and enjoy the following.      Oh, and please don’t … Continue reading

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I’d Rather Be Wealthy

     I think a little humor may be in order for a spring, winter, winter/ spring day. The following is tongue-in-cheek, but I still would like to hit that jackpot..     Have a wonderful Thursday everyone, Jake.    I’d Rather Be Wealthy … Continue reading

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T-Shirts Supporting The Wounded Warrior Project

           As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I have contacted the Malden, Mass. (02148) Irish American club concerning the T-shirt availability and I received a very nice e-mail response from Rick O’Sullivan of the Veteran’s Committee … Continue reading

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The Veteran’s Shame

     Today, March 17th, marks the actual date that is traditionally celebrated as Saint Patrick’s Day. Below you will see the back panel of the T-shirt that is sold ($10.00 US) by the Malden, Massachusetts Irish American Club* in … Continue reading

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Saint Paddy’s Day

     This one is from last year, and I still get a chuckle out of it, thinking about the inspiration for it. For five years, when I worked in South Boston, (U.S. Postal Zip Code 02127) Mass. I was … Continue reading

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Irish Toast

     To continue on with the Saint Patrick’s Day theme, here is one Irishman’s wish for the day!                                         ♣♣♣♣♣ … Continue reading

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The Gerrity Stone

      With Saint Patrick’s Day rapidly approaching, I thought I would get the ball rolling with a new poem.. The story of the title is a bit amusing, at least I thought so, but here it is in any … Continue reading

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I’m Going Back To Jesus

     Well, guess who stopped by the other day, out of the blue and very well tanned? My old friend and mentor..  Reverend Jake. Yup, it had been quite a while since the Right Reverend had graced my humble … Continue reading

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