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My Guardian Angel

    It has been a while since I have posted anything, for a variety of reasons, not the least being, that my lap top crashed on me, and alas a replacement was recommended as being a fiscally responsible avenue … Continue reading

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Where Did My Little Girl Go?

    Two years ago I posted this poem in honor of my daughter’s wedding. TWO YEARS? Are you kidding me? Now I’m starting to think that the title should be; “Where Does The Time Go?” Rachel and Gregg are … Continue reading

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When I’m With You

     A rare poem from the “mushy” side. There is no way to explain how my mind works, (though it is currently on an extended hiatus) I don’t know where the inspiration for this one came from, perhaps a song on the radio, but the words … Continue reading

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The Greatest Miracle

     I’m telling you Nashville, this is the type of material that you are missing out on. Remember the Gatlin brothers? They made a fortune doing just this type of music. Please contact me at when you come to your … Continue reading

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The Limits Of Love

     I am fully aware that Saturday is probably the slowest day of the week  for views at most blogs. I can understand that. Usually Saturdays are rather hectic, for a “day-off”  from our “regular” work routine, and a lot of time is not available to … Continue reading

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A Blessing For A Baby

I love writing the so-called “Irish Blessing” there is something down-to-earth about them. Usually, they are but simple messages, that are surrounded and infiltrated by verbosity. Nonetheless, you can feel the “from the heart” tenor of the words. The title came as an after-thought, but it is a … Continue reading

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My Valentine

     I wrote this the other day and had no inkling of where it was headed when I began.. I’ve said before, many times, that a phrase or a theme usually triggers my poems and this was no exception. It just started with a … Continue reading

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Through Love’s Eyes

     I have stated many times over, that poemsandponderings was not your grandma’s poetry. Well apparently, I lied. For lately the words that form the sentences that form the poems have taken on a somewhat softer and gentler(read mushy) nature to them, similar I would say to old-fashioned (grandma’s)poetry. So … Continue reading

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Perception She walks the dog along the beach, as the sun reflects the trees, orange, red and yellow, with still a touch of green, off of the mirrored surface, like the perfect movie scene. Solitude surrounds them, the birds, only … Continue reading

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A Drink With A Friend

     As I said yesterday, friends and friendship will be the theme for this week. I also mentioned that it has been on my mind for the past couple of years, how friendships can just seem to fade. How friends can become strangers through complacency … Continue reading

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