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Out Of My Tree

     Continuing on with the “tree” theme, I’ve decided to “branch” out from the serious and go way out on a “limb” with this one, I’m not sure where it has its “roots” but it is funny as far as I’m concerned, … Continue reading

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Words To Live By

     Now we have all heard the adages and mottos, that great and/or famous  people throughout history have written and/or passed on to future generations. With Ben Franklin’s, anonymously written, “Poor Richard’s Almanac” as a fine example of such wisdom and witticism. With fine advice … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

     With Memorial Day quickly approaching, I am preparing a series of poems dedicated to those who have meant so much to us during our lives, but who are not with us anymore. Personal relationships as well as tributes to those who have served … Continue reading

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The Limits Of Love

     I am fully aware that Saturday is probably the slowest day of the week  for views at most blogs. I can understand that. Usually Saturdays are rather hectic, for a “day-off”  from our “regular” work routine, and a lot of time is not available to … Continue reading

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Seven Unturned Stones

     I don’t really know just how to introduce this poem, some of it is based on  personal experience, and some of it is purely fictional. The end result however, is a look at life and how the “important” and/or critical decisions … Continue reading

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The Price of Love

      I must always offer a caveat, (which translates from the Latin to English as, “covering my ass”) before one of these:      The following poem, in no way or manner reflects my past or current relationship with my loving wife (Beth) of thirty-two years,(May 10th see, … Continue reading

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Hell’s Fire

     While enjoying a Sunday breakfast this past weekend at the “Station 5 Grille” in Natick, Massachusetts, a firefighter/firehouse themed restaurant, I was reminded of this poem from last year. As most of you know by now, I am not really “up” on my … Continue reading

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     Bulletin:   Due to the overwhelming response from music professionals around the world on my latest mega-post, the “Golden Age Of Rap,” as well as the entrepreneurial inquiries into the investment potential of said post, I find myself in a bit of a … Continue reading

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     Doc, in the original Disney cartoon was a wizened old guy..Not here. Once again, I hope you enjoy this week’s posts.      And a wish for a wonderful Wednesday, Jake.      Now for a totally different look at Doc. Doc  Just six months out … Continue reading

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