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The Words Of The Fool

    As well as scamps and scoundrels the most devious and despicable are often seated near the head of the table where they may ensure the most damage! Jake  The Words Of The Fool To sit upon the golden … Continue reading

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A Wizard’s Revenge

     I think we should start off the weekend with a little bit of good-natured humor, wizard style. This is an older poem that I have, again, revised for your reading pressure pleasure.      Have a terrific weekend everyone, … Continue reading

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The Nest

     I don’t know why that I haven’t posted this one before, as it is one of my favorites. As you can see it was written back in April of 2010 when I was just getting started,(and was probably a lot more creative) … Continue reading

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The Human Swan

    Another look inside the human condition by comparison to our friends of the animal kingdom. How’s that for short and sweet?      Tuesdays don’t suck quite as much as Mondays, but almost, so do the best you can, Jake.   The Human Swan … Continue reading

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Park Bench Memories

     What in the world has happened to us? Well I don’t know about your world, but as my contemporaries and I continue to walk this planet, one thing seems to be increasingly clear to us, (how ironic that is) that our … Continue reading

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For No Particular Reason (Tidbits)

     As the title suggests, I’m just throwing stuff against the wall today, no direction, no meaning, just a mish-mash, a hodge-podge, a conglomeration of willy-nilly thoughts and Reflections, Interjections, Ponderings and Recollections. In other words TIDBITS.. I hope you will find … Continue reading

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Inflated Nickels

      Well, it’s Monday again. Doesn’t that just bite your a$$? So, I think we should lighten up to start the work week a little, don’t you? The following is the story of inflation and how $383.50 sounds like plenty of … Continue reading

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