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Where Are The Answers?

Where Are The Answers? So many questions on life are asked but to our own particular soul like, how many minutes are there left until I’ve heard my final toll? * Will I be at peace then at the end … Continue reading

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When Death Came From The Sky

WHEN DEATH CAME FROM THE SKY The morning sparkled like a gem the air was warm and dry it was a nearly perfect day when death, came from the sky. On the eleventh of September in the year two thousand-one, … Continue reading

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Elysium’s Gate

     Some thoughts for a Sunday morning.     Please enjoy Jake. Elysium’s Gate There are those who believe that we walk alone through the valley of the shadow as death takes us home. And thus, whence we depart … Continue reading

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Belle Of The Ball

     I have been trying to figure out how to explain to you, what you are about to experience over the next two days. First off, I must state UNEQUIVICALLY, that neither “character” that you are about to meet is a reflection of myself, in … Continue reading

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Promised Gifts & The Finest Gift

     Those of you who have been with me awhile are aware that I honestly do not know where some of my material comes from, or from whom. I have mentioned before that I have “visitors” that “help” me with … Continue reading

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The Animal Kingdom

     Today, September 22nd, is the first day of autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere, and with that comes cooler weather in many places, and a good time to think about the animals in our lives. Extreme cold and heat are perhaps more … Continue reading

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The Suitor At The Door

     As some of you are aware, I am of Irish descent. I was raised in a manner not known so much today. A manner of “manners” actually, and of courtesy, along with respect for our elders, and most of all … Continue reading

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Did God Give Up On Us?

     Sunday morning is perfect timing for this poem. It is very serious and spiritual in nature, and it does not need  much of  an introduction.       Have a superior Sunday everyone, Jake.       But ask yourselves this question… Did God Give … Continue reading

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     Bulletin:   Due to the overwhelming response from music professionals around the world on my latest mega-post, the “Golden Age Of Rap,” as well as the entrepreneurial inquiries into the investment potential of said post, I find myself in a bit of a … Continue reading

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Yet, Another Blessing

      Okay, I’m taking this “Blessing” thing to extremes, but I am very busy this week, and it is St. Patty’s Day this weekend after all. So still yet, another. (I have more, don’t worry)      Please enjoy a wonderful Wednesday, Jake. … Continue reading

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