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Hi, Neighbor

     Well, would you look at this, (please do) two consecutive days of new posts by yours truly. I don’t know how or why it happened all of a sudden, after what has been a significant creative drought, but … Continue reading

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Senate Calls For Moratorium On Additional Postal Service Cuts.

    Please tell your Congressperson that you are opposed to any more cuts to and by the U.S. Postal Service. No more facility closings that effect our communities and families, across the nation! No more job cuts that effect … Continue reading

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October Snow

     I wrote this one last year, and we here in the Northeast had a marvelous winter. Mild, and almost snow-less after the early October snow.. This year we got a Hurricane, and the southern mountains and the upper midwest got the … Continue reading

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A Shakespearean Look At Women

     Another “visitor” has appeared recently and “spoketh unto me” in language elde and yet with true insight as to the situation that faces every man, in pursuit of the ultimate,, the complete understanding of the fairer sex. “Dream on thou hapless soul, and seek to hold the … Continue reading

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I Remember?

     As you all know I recently celebrated had a birthday, and along with age comes certain changes to the body and mind and here is just a bit of a clue as to what you may expect. This is especially meant … Continue reading

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The Limits Of Love

     I am fully aware that Saturday is probably the slowest day of the week  for views at most blogs. I can understand that. Usually Saturdays are rather hectic, for a “day-off”  from our “regular” work routine, and a lot of time is not available to … Continue reading

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The Horrors of the Horoscope

     The following is a thought process that came to me while thinking about this Saturday morning‘s post.      As I sit today and ponder, about the here and about the yonder, and about the time that I will squander, sitting here in … Continue reading

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      “Another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody, I got some money, cause I just got paid. How I wish I had someone to talk to, I’m in an awful way…”      Thank Sam Cooke (1963) and Cat Stevens … Continue reading

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A Mixed Bag

I have picked out a few little tidbits to start off the weekend. Just some thoughts from various times during the past couple of years, I hope you like them. Have a spectacular Saturday, Jake. Honesty is the best policy. But, … Continue reading

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You’re Welcome In Our Home

     Back when I started writing ‘stuff’ a few years ago, I sort of fancied myself a songwriter as I have related previously. Yet, my creativity seems to have taken a somewhat different path, into the wild and dangerous world of poetry. But what of … Continue reading

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