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The Veteran

The Veteran They have faithfully served both near and far in times of peace and in time of war. They’ve served on land, the air and sea and they’ve kept this nation strong and free. * Now, some don’t bear … Continue reading

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Sail Not On The Wisdom Of Youth

SAIL NOT ON THE WISDOM OF YOUTH The age of infallibility will pass as surely as do your teens and whence upon that realization will come the light of ways and means. For without the forewarned future, the history and … Continue reading

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Roads and Paths

Inspired by a recent post from Minnesota Prairie by Audrey Kletscher Helbling, author and photographer extraordinaire on traveling the interstate highway systems.  Thanks Audrey for the motivation! Give her blog a visit you’ll enjoy her down home American Midwestern … Continue reading

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Saint Patrick And The Snakes

May Saint Patrick chase all your snakes away and your skies be all blue without a tinge of the grey and may you all be kept warm and kept free from all harm whilst raising a pint on this Saint … Continue reading

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A Tale of Truth and Lies

                 A Tale of Truth and Lies A wise old Irishman by the name of O’Flynn once stood on the stoop of “The Olde Sailor’s Inn” and he cried in remorse for his … Continue reading

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A Friend’s Passing

A Friend’s Passing When God calls them home we left behind mourn deeply for they or ourselves? ~Jack Downing~    

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The Birth Of A Nation

The birth of a nation is like that of a child the first years are for nurturing and then come the wild. But they’ll emerge as mature with a lot of guidance and care and survive to a great age … Continue reading

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    It is now 5:45 pm est. and I am going to attempt to write a poem in the next 15 minutes, right before your eyes. Footprints Each step we take on life’s given path will be forever lost to … Continue reading

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A Speck Of Dust

A Speck Of Dust As the Earth revolves around the sun and as the universe expands where do we fit in the scheme of things are we but like, a grain of sand? Shifting with the wind and tide insignificant … Continue reading

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World War III

It is time for all civilized nations to join together to remove a scourge from the face of the earth. The irony of that statement is not lost on me, as I ask myself; Can a civilized nation commit to … Continue reading

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