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Roads and Paths

Inspired by a recent post from Minnesota Prairie by Audrey Kletscher Helbling, author and photographer extraordinaire on traveling the interstate highway systems.  Thanks Audrey for the motivation! Give her blog a visit you’ll enjoy her down home American Midwestern … Continue reading

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Saint Patrick And The Snakes

May Saint Patrick chase all your snakes away and your skies be all blue without a tinge of the grey and may you all be kept warm and kept free from all harm whilst raising a pint on this Saint … Continue reading

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A Tale of Truth and Lies

                 A Tale of Truth and Lies A wise old Irishman by the name of O’Flynn once stood on the stoop of “The Olde Sailor’s Inn” and he cried in remorse for his … Continue reading

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A Friend’s Passing

A Friend’s Passing When God calls them home we left behind mourn deeply for they or ourselves? ~Jack Downing~    

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The Birth Of A Nation

The birth of a nation is like that of a child the first years are for nurturing and then come the wild. But they’ll emerge as mature with a lot of guidance and care and survive to a great age … Continue reading

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    It is now 5:45 pm est. and I am going to attempt to write a poem in the next 15 minutes, right before your eyes. Footprints Each step we take on life’s given path will be forever lost to … Continue reading

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A Speck Of Dust

A Speck Of Dust As the Earth revolves around the sun and as the universe expands where do we fit in the scheme of things are we but like, a grain of sand? Shifting with the wind and tide insignificant … Continue reading

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