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Interjections and Reflections

     Just a few things for your amusement on a Wednesday morning. Enjoy.. INTERJECTIONS AND REFLECTIONS The first impression, is the one that lasts. But, the last impression, can change that fast. ……………………………………………………….. I once was a young man with … Continue reading

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The Human Recipe

     Sometimes I get asked, “where do you come up with this stuff?” Well, I thought about that and I came up with this analogy;      My mind is like the subway station, not much happens, until that train comes through. (but … Continue reading

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REFLECTIONS (page ten)

     I’m taking a page from my friend Beth Ann over at “It’s Just Life.” (It’s Just She has ‘wordless Wednesday‘ I’m doing mindless Monday…. These are just some things that my demented side comes up with now and then. Have … Continue reading

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Reflections (page four)

    I’m thinking, it’s time for some reflections, so here is page four for your thought provocation and entertainment (I hope)! Reflections (page four) People must think that spelling, wasn’t taught, back in my day. Because they’re always telling me, there’s no … Continue reading

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