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The March Wind

As a “tribute” to the winds of March that blustered and bullied us here in New England this past weekend.. The March Wind Tis the lion’s roar we feel this day as the March wind so bitterly bears the freeze … Continue reading

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The Sentence

     Now for something completely different… I do hope you will like it, Jake. The Sentence “What say ye gentlemen, tis it to prison, or nay for this cur that I see, afore me today?” * And thus to my … Continue reading

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The Wake Of Molly O’Malley

     With Saint Patrick’s Day just past, I thought we’d have one more with an Irish flair. This one is from last June, and it’s especially  for those of you who were not onboard with us back then. But, I do hope that all of you, will … Continue reading

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A Tribe Of One

     Do you remember the phrase, or in  actuality, the “movement”  of, “it’s all about me”? Well guess what? In the end it is just that, IT IS, all about you after all! For in the words of a song from long … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Lantern

     Let’s start the week with something from the darker side. After all it is approaching the Halloween season, is it not?       As usual for a Monday, I’m running a bit behind, (no, I didn’t get my A$$ chewed out) so, a quick … Continue reading

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The Wake Of Molly O’Malley

     “I have no idea,” is the answer to the obvious question, from where in heaven’s name did this one come? I think a wee leprechaun invaded me head during a bout with the Guinness Flu. However, I kind of like the way it tells the story of a lass … Continue reading

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A Traveler’s Warning

     Don’t ask me where this one came from, I have no idea what-so-ever. But I can picture this on a sign just inside the door of an inn, English or Irish, come immediately to mind, though early America probably had it’s share of these types of … Continue reading

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Alexander’s Blessing

     Okay, one more day of humor. This is a house blessing that I wrote a couple of years ago, after the dust settled on my mother-in-law‘s estate, and we (my wife and I) bought out the other “interested” parties … Continue reading

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I Remember?

     As you all know I recently celebrated had a birthday, and along with age comes certain changes to the body and mind and here is just a bit of a clue as to what you may expect. This is especially meant … Continue reading

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Butch And The Kid

     This is my take on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I’m sure I’ve posted it before, but I’m not exactly sure, so like it or not,(though I really hope you do) here it is. We were talking today about the movie … Continue reading

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