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The March Wind

As a “tribute” to the winds of March that blustered and bullied us here in New England this past weekend.. The March Wind Tis the lion’s roar we feel this day as the March wind so bitterly bears the freeze … Continue reading

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Hi, Neighbor

     Well, would you look at this, (please do) two consecutive days of new posts by yours truly. I don’t know how or why it happened all of a sudden, after what has been a significant creative drought, but … Continue reading

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The Horse Of Death

     HEROIN… Enough said!  The Horse Of Death  Upon the horse of death the lancer rides leaving in his tracks all sense of pride, when unable to dismount he must reside within the living hell that burns inside. * … Continue reading

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Teardrops Of A Cold Heart

     “Sorry seems to be the hardest word“* Sometimes in our lives we come across people who just do not have a kind word or act for anyone except themselves. These are the people who will someday end up … Continue reading

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Backyard Fun (The Pool)

     Number four in the backyard fun series. Kids don’t try this at home without sober adult supervision… As you will see, that rules me out, good luck!      Have a winsome Wednesday everyone, Jake. Backyard Fun (The Pool) As the weather got … Continue reading

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When Judgment Comes

     A somewhat harsh, but thought-provoking entry, this Sunday Morning.. But, I do hope that you will like it. Jake. WHEN JUDGMENT COMES Your palaces will fade away, ice castles too, shall melt. When judgment comes that final day, and the … Continue reading

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The Willow’s Lament

     The following has been posted before, but as I re-read it I decided some editing was called for, but the context is the same, with just a bit of word shuffling and emending.      I am hopeful that you … Continue reading

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Winter’s Grip

     While winter here in the Northern Hemisphere is allegedly on the wane, though a big storm is expected in the Heartland of the U.S. over the next few days and possibly into New England by Wednesday-Thursday, our friends in the Southern Hemisphere … Continue reading

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When Negativity Is The Norm

     I thought I would start off the new year with the final poem from last year. Finished on New Year’s Eve and posted on New Year’s Day. I am not sure why I started on this one in the first place, but … Continue reading

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The Prison Project

     Blue Monday is over, but I’m not going to let you up, just yet. The following is a poem that has a happy ending for a young mother and her baby, but it also tells of others who will not now, … Continue reading

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