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A Goodbye Smile

     Here it is Saturday morning, and that is always a good time for a bit of humor, suggestive words and phrases, and of course, double entendre.. Enjoy! Jake. A Goodbye Smile I watched the young man smile at the girl … Continue reading

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     Every word of the following is the truth, the whole truth and…well you know the rest. I could have given it the title “Jack Downing, the younger years” but, that would be too self-promoting, not that I’m adverse to a little self-promotion … Continue reading

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The Monkey And The Goat

     Whimsy has taken control lately and this is the latest result..It is definitely directed towards kids, and adults who like to think like kids. A show of hands, please. (Me too) So gather the kids, grand kids, spouses and pets and … Continue reading

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      Okay, so I’ve been told that my posts have been on the dark side lately, well this should put an end to that theory. From out of the song lyric library comes “Adios” a not so typical country type … Continue reading

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A Blessing

     I mentioned last week how much I like writing the “Irish Blessing,” the following was one of my first. I now pray the blessing for all of you… Jake. A BLESSING  May the good Lord, guide your footsteps. May your path, be free … Continue reading

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A Blessing For A Baby

I love writing the so-called “Irish Blessing” there is something down-to-earth about them. Usually, they are but simple messages, that are surrounded and infiltrated by verbosity. Nonetheless, you can feel the “from the heart” tenor of the words. The title came as an after-thought, but it is a … Continue reading

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If Jesus Had A Brother

     Please excuse me if this poem sounds or seems somewhat sacrilegious, it was not intended to be so..It is just another example of what goes on in this head of mine, when I start thinking..Rare as that may be…The beginnings … Continue reading

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The Gypsy Caravan

     Here is one, hot off the presses, started and finished Tuesday, February 14, 2012. I believe that by the end of it, you will be humming or singing to yourselves, or in some cases (and to the great regret of those of us around you) … Continue reading

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Alaska Beckons

     Let me start by saying that I have never been there and unless the lottery, or the “Alaskan tourist bureau” *  pays  for my cruise, I will most likely never go to Alaska,(but, if I had a “bucket list” that Alaskan … Continue reading

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From Womb To Tomb

     Whilst, (love that word) looking through the works for something to post, I came across this, and because I spotted October in it, the genius that I am said, “hey, it’s October now, so, why not publish this one?”  It tells life’s story I … Continue reading

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