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     Every word of the following is the truth, the whole truth and…well you know the rest. I could have given it the title “Jack Downing, the younger years” but, that would be too self-promoting, not that I’m adverse to a little self-promotion … Continue reading

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Better Tell The Doctor

     This is another original song lyric for you. It is a story of  a person that is  hooked on drugs. Who, in the beginning of the song, is begging for help in the form of more drugs and then finally realizing that the help … Continue reading

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The Monkey And The Goat

     Whimsy has taken control lately and this is the latest result..It is definitely directed towards kids, and adults who like to think like kids. A show of hands, please. (Me too) So gather the kids, grand kids, spouses and pets and … Continue reading

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The Price of Love

      I must always offer a caveat, (which translates from the Latin to English as, “covering my ass”) before one of these:      The following poem, in no way or manner reflects my past or current relationship with my loving wife (Beth) of thirty-two years,(May 10th see, … Continue reading

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Business Advice

      Though the title implies business as a commercial enterprise, it is set more, to the business of life in general. Please read and respond, if it strikes a chord.       I have a mini-break from work coming over the next … Continue reading

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God Save The Poor Man

        All rise!! Please welcome back the Right Reverend Jake who has  recently returned from a church “business trip” to the first annual “Sacramental wine tasting and Hootenanny” in the Napa Valley Region of Northern California, (and I got the t-shirt to prove it)* and has decided to grace us with his … Continue reading

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Just Nonsense

     Oh boy, another Saturday morning, what do I feel like posting today, let’s see, something political,,nah, how about something serious, like greed or death,,nah, spiritual maybe, nah, wait I’ve got it, HUMOR, how about something silly,,in fact, how about … Continue reading

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Life Explained

     I do not know the person who wrote this, it was posted on the wall at work and no author was listed. But after reading it, I believed that it was certainly worth sharing. Hope you enjoy it. Jake.                                                        … Continue reading

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