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Ode To The Good Old Days

Ode To The Good Old Days But, were my days as happy then as I can now, remember them or is it that I wish again to change some things, that may have been? *** Jack Downing June 2015 Copyright … Continue reading

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Life In A Nutshell

     A little more self-reflection from the fringe..      Have a wonderful weekend everyone and a Happy Father’s day to all of the dads out there.      Jake.   A Life In A Nutshell I’ve been a … Continue reading

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Seven Unturned Stones

     I don’t really know just how to introduce this poem, some of it is based on  personal experience, and some of it is purely fictional. The end result however, is a look at life and how the “important” and/or critical decisions … Continue reading

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The Price of Love

      I must always offer a caveat, (which translates from the Latin to English as, “covering my ass”) before one of these:      The following poem, in no way or manner reflects my past or current relationship with my loving wife (Beth) of thirty-two years,(May 10th see, … Continue reading

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A Collection of Original Thoughts

     Good Sunday morning to you all. I thought that today I would offer you a few tidbits, of original sin thoughts  for your reading enjoyment and reflection. If any of your morning beverage happens to come out through your nose, then I have been … Continue reading

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      Okay, so I’ve been told that my posts have been on the dark side lately, well this should put an end to that theory. From out of the song lyric library comes “Adios” a not so typical country type … Continue reading

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River Of Heartbreak

      Just before I had my little mental shut-down, a week or so ago, I  finished this poem in a matter of hours. I liked it a lot  from the very beginning, for the way that it came together and the message of it’s content.  There … Continue reading

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Rain On The Glass

     Have you ever sat inside a car/truck/vehicle on a day, or night, of misty drizzle?  Whoa, doesn’t that sound like the name of a stripper?… I can almost hear it now, (or what I think, it may sound like, as I have … Continue reading

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The Willow’s Lament

    There is no special reason for this poem today, I was trying to decide which one to post, and when I came across this  from 2009, I didn’t think I had posted it before, (I am not going to do a … Continue reading

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I Am A Country Song, Writer. Dadgummit.

     I have my doubters and naysayers who pooh-pooh, my ability to write country songs. (Y’all know who’s ya’ are) But, I am about to do an, “Inyer Face” to them, right here-‘n-now. Yep, the following is a preview of my latest triumph, which … Continue reading

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