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When Death Came From The Sky

WHEN DEATH CAME FROM THE SKY The morning sparkled like a gem the air was warm and dry it was a nearly perfect day when death, came from the sky. On the eleventh of September in the year two thousand-one, … Continue reading

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     With respect for, and in regard to, my rights under the first and second amendments, here is just a note to those who think that we are a weak society and that terrorism will succeed in converting us … Continue reading

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A National Prayer

     With all that has happened around this nation during recent times I think that the following may just be the last hope for our country as we know it. Please pray the following prayer at least once a … Continue reading

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The Day Is Fast Upon Us

     Though my muse has been on an extended hiatus, I have been able to occasionally scratch one out on my own. This is one that will require some interpretation on your part. I do hope it will give … Continue reading

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Come On In

     It would seem that the Reverend Jake, has a serious side, of which I was not fully aware. This came in a message this week, as a suggestion for my Sunday offering to you.. So on behalf of the Right Reverend, (and with thanks … Continue reading

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     Yesterday’s post was in response to a challenge. Today’s post is in response to the news that one of our fellow bloggers here at wordpress.com is experiencing some serious medical issues and informed me that my posting on; Hope=Glass Half Full yesterday, was … Continue reading

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I’m Going Back To Jesus

     Good morning to you my sisters and brothers!! The “Right Reverend Jake” has taken control of this space for the day. Now those of you who regularly visit this blog, have no doubt heard of me, and of my crusade to … Continue reading

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A Candle In The Church (A Message from Reverend Jake)

     My good friend Aina (no link available at this time) asked me to pass on her regards to Reverend Jake. I told her that the Right Reverend was on a “mission” to Alaska, courtesy of the generosity, of his congregation. Yes, he sailed out of … Continue reading

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Special Love

     After seeing a close family friend’s posting on Facebook the other day, I realized the “special” kind of person that it takes to be the parent of a “special needs” child, as well as the other family members, along with the teachers and care givers. I … Continue reading

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Did God Give Up On Us?

     Sunday morning is perfect timing for this poem. It is very serious and spiritual in nature, and it does not need  much of  an introduction.       Have a superior Sunday everyone, Jake.       But ask yourselves this question… Did God Give … Continue reading

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