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Come On In

     It would seem that the Reverend Jake, has a serious side, of which I was not fully aware. This came in a message this week, as a suggestion for my Sunday offering to you.. So on behalf of the Right Reverend, (and with thanks … Continue reading

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Did God Give Up On Us?

     Sunday morning is perfect timing for this poem. It is very serious and spiritual in nature, and it does not need  much of  an introduction.       Have a superior Sunday everyone, Jake.       But ask yourselves this question… Did God Give … Continue reading

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His Saving Grace

     A poem for those desperate souls who may need reassuring this Sunday morning, that He, is always with us. I just finished it and I’m hoping that all of you will like it as much as I do.      No long Sunday sermon this week … Continue reading

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God Save The Poor Man

        All rise!! Please welcome back the Right Reverend Jake who has  recently returned from a church “business trip” to the first annual “Sacramental wine tasting and Hootenanny” in the Napa Valley Region of Northern California, (and I got the t-shirt to prove it)* and has decided to grace us with his … Continue reading

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