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Unstack The Deck

     On Tuesday November 4th 2014 we, the American voters, have the opportunity to regain our nation and our Constitutional rights that were originally implemented, by men of great wisdom, to protect us from any and all abuse of … Continue reading

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The Day Is Fast Upon Us

     Though my muse has been on an extended hiatus, I have been able to occasionally scratch one out on my own. This is one that will require some interpretation on your part. I do hope it will give … Continue reading

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No Need For Directions

     This is dedicated to the lawyer, the attorney and the barrister. Especially those in some of the Congressional delegations.      Have a superb week everybody, in spite of the mess we owe to our current government. Jake. No … Continue reading

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Politics In Haiku

     Politics! It’s all here.. In Haiku. Enjoy, Jake. Politics In Haiku Election Day gone My candidate did not win The end is now near ……………………………………………  Lawyers or liars All candidates seem to be Just one and the same ……………………………………………. … Continue reading

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Global Warming Mister Gore?

    As you will be able to tell, I wrote this about three years ago, when it had a bit more relevance than it does at the present. Today, with the heatwaves    throughout the U.S., its significance, (the poem’s) may seem little bit … Continue reading

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Did You Miss Me?

     Just so you know that I’m still here and I have not forgotten you, here are a few, very random, thoughts from the Reflections/Interjections files.      Vacations are for resting and relaxing, so not much effort went into this … Continue reading

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Practical Reality

     Short and sweet this morning… This should be the mantra, motto and the credo for all politicians and lawyers! Practical Reality  Neither confirm nor deny if “I don’t remember” will fly, but never, give a yes or a no. * … Continue reading

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     Oh, oh. I just realized that I have nothing prepared for Thursday’s post. What to do? What to do? Hmm, I’ve got it, the old standbys, the tried and true, the always popular, “Reflections/Interjections. Yup, that’s the ticket. I hope you enjoy … Continue reading

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     With election year upon us, here in the United States, we must prepare ourselves for an abundance of ‘BS‘, ( I don’t have to spell it out for you)that is about to follow. Time after time we are asked to … Continue reading

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Understand Your Freedom

     This is another of those that I wrote as a song lyric, I could hear Johnny Cash (God rest his soul) in that baritone (or more likely bass) voice of his. Think about that as you read it. Thanks. Have … Continue reading

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