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Seven Steps To Death

     Monday, what better day to post this dark poem? It is fairly long, but it needed to be, to tell the story of the short, misguided life of the subject. Too many news stories of today are reflected in this poem. While … Continue reading

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     There really isn’t much that I can say about this poem, it is more of an interpretive piece. See what you get out of it and let me know, I’ll be curious to hear. Fridays are for forgetting Mondays, … Continue reading

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Presidential Gratitude

From the first: To the worst:       Well no sh*t, Sherlock. “Serious differences that have grown over time”? Maybe it’s just me, but I think that “time” began with the government sponsored act of terror involving oh, let’s see, HOSTAGES! What is wrong … Continue reading

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A Walk Amongst The Ancients

     I have refrained from posting any political poems  for a while, but today I think I will delve back into the subject a bit.. The following is just my opinion on where the United States has gone, and possibly worse, where it is headed. We have … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

     With Memorial Day quickly approaching, I am preparing a series of poems dedicated to those who have meant so much to us during our lives, but who are not with us anymore. Personal relationships as well as tributes to those who have served … Continue reading

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The Invasion of Sadness

     When I wrote this, as you will know after reading, I had a pervasive feeling of sadness, without any apparent reason. The condition came and went, without warning or explanation for a few days. I still don’t know what … Continue reading

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The Life and Death of Connor Finnegan (part 1)

     This is not a feel good poem in any way, it is a fictional work about a very real situation. The conflict between the Irish Republic and the British Crown was a bloody and hard-fought “war” for the jurisdiction/control of the … Continue reading

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