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Belle Of The Ball

     I have been trying to figure out how to explain to you, what you are about to experience over the next two days. First off, I must state UNEQUIVICALLY, that neither “character” that you are about to meet is a reflection of myself, in … Continue reading

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The Law Suit

     I’m really pressed for time today, I’m off to work some overtime at the real job. So I’m giving you a brand, spanking new poem that I just wrote yesterday.. There is truth in humor and humor in truth.      I hope you … Continue reading

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Autumn Winds

     It’s that time of year here on the east coast of the United States, Autumn has arrived, and along with it come the chilly winds that strip the trees of their beautiful foliage and leave us with, well, leaves. While … Continue reading

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     I hate my new hours..They seem to be interfering with the quality of my blog. Okay, maybe quality isn’t exactly the correct word for my blogs… They seem to be interfering with the amount of quality time that I … Continue reading

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Mary’s Limerick

     By now you all know how much I love “limericks” must be the Irish in me. So here is another for your enjoyment, at least that is the intent.      Today is *National “Find a friend Friday” do your … Continue reading

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Just An Old Fart Now

     In keeping with yesterday’s post, let’s stay on the topic of aging. I have been told, or at least led to believe, (okay, have experienced) that as people get older, not only do they suffer a diminishing of  mental capacity, physical deterioration is more … Continue reading

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For No Particular Reason (Tidbits)

     As the title suggests, I’m just throwing stuff against the wall today, no direction, no meaning, just a mish-mash, a hodge-podge, a conglomeration of willy-nilly thoughts and Reflections, Interjections, Ponderings and Recollections. In other words TIDBITS.. I hope you will find … Continue reading

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Get Out, Get Out, Get Out

     Okay, I was told that I was getting a bit doomy and gloomy and that I had better lighten up a little.. All right then, you asked for it. We are going to take another trip into the music vault. This is a song about … Continue reading

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     Well now, what is humor? What is humorous? What makes us smile or laugh? There is not a single answer to these questions as we are all so different in our perspectives of “almost” everything. Take my wife,”please”, (thanks to the … Continue reading

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Just An Old Fart Now

Not so long ago, I said “whatta ya know, I’m aging pretty well.” Then came that day, I heard the mirror say, “old man, you look like hell.”      And that’s the truth…So it would now appear that I’m… Just An Old … Continue reading

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