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Death Of A Stranger

    I’ve been working on this one for most of the month, and each time that I read it, I change it. So I’m not going to read it again.. For a while.. It is very long, but I … Continue reading

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The Horse Of Death

     HEROIN… Enough said!  The Horse Of Death  Upon the horse of death the lancer rides leaving in his tracks all sense of pride, when unable to dismount he must reside within the living hell that burns inside. * … Continue reading

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A Cynic’s Look At Autumn

     There were so many things we did back in the “old days” that have been proven to be very harmful to the environment. We just didn’t know any better, like disposing of paints and motor oil into landfills, flushing gasoline down storm … Continue reading

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When Death Came From The Sky

     September 11, 2001, “The World Trade Center.”  REMEMBER!! WHEN DEATH CAME FROM THE SKY The morning sparkled, like a gem, the air was warm and dry, it was a nearly, perfect day, when death, came from the sky.  * … Continue reading

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Seven Steps To Death

     Monday, what better day to post this dark poem? It is fairly long, but it needed to be, to tell the story of the short, misguided life of the subject. Too many news stories of today are reflected in this poem. While … Continue reading

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Get Out, Get Out, Get Out

     Okay, I was told that I was getting a bit doomy and gloomy and that I had better lighten up a little.. All right then, you asked for it. We are going to take another trip into the music vault. This is a song about … Continue reading

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When Death Came From The Sky

       I was hesitant to post this today, as I published it on September 11th this past year, and will continue to do so, for as long as this blog exists. It was written in quick fashion on the 8th anniversary of … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

     With Memorial Day quickly approaching, I am preparing a series of poems dedicated to those who have meant so much to us during our lives, but who are not with us anymore. Personal relationships as well as tributes to those who have served … Continue reading

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