Don’t Blame The Tool

     I know that this one may not be something that you would expect on a Sunday, it’s not spiritual, it’s not humorous, nor is it a “blue skies and gentle winds” type poem, but I will tell you this, Reverend Jake agrees with me 100% on this subject. With all of the talk lately about gun control, especially since the Newtown Ct. tragedy which evoked an overwhelming emotional response, we have lost sight of a few, very important items. It is our RIGHT to own a gun, even if we don’t exercise that RIGHT, we MUST NOT relinquish it to political pressure. More good people own guns than bad guys, and in a lot of instances that is what keeps the bad guys from terrorizing you and me. While the police do the best that they can, they are not going to be there, at your front door, or at the mall, the movie theater, or your church, at the exact moment when evil arrives, looking for souls. But, one armed and dedicated American, may save your life or the life of a friend or loved one.

      When a person who is determined to kill or injure decides to put their plan into action, it doesn’t matter whether they use a gun, a machete, a bomb, poison, even a motor vehicle as their “tool” it will happen.. BUT, one armed and dedicated CITIZEN, may prevent or at least reduce the carnage that was Newtown! I know this is cliché but think about it for a minute, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and “if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have the guns”..

     I’ve said it before, I don’t own a gun.. But I believe it is the RIGHT of all responsible AMERICAN CITIZENS, to arm and defend themselves, their family and property against any number of enemies, both foreign and domestic. Oh, and one more thought to ponder, please remember; “When you allow a government to legislate for, your safety, then you are only as safe, as that government allows!”

     Please stay safe this Sunday,


Constitutional Rights

We the people..

Don’t Blame The Tool


It is not the gun,

but the gunner.

It’s not the bomb,

but the bomber.

It’s not the poison,

but the supplier.

And it’s the arsonist,

not the fire.

Don’t blame the tool,

blame the ghoul!


 Jack Downing

July 22, 2012



Copyright© Jack Downing, aka Jake All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted or disseminated in any manner without the expressed written consent of the author. JRD 1/6/13


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Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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17 Responses to Don’t Blame The Tool

  1. cdnpearly says:

    Interesting and brave topic to tackle Jake! I am not in favor of guns. Per the constitution, it’s a citizen’s right. And, I am in favor of preserving citizen’s rights. So, I propose limiting the quantity and type of ammunition available. Perfect solution: own a gun and a small amount of ammo. Protect yourself and your family from a true threat, but restrict the possibility of a nut job from murdering MANY innocents…

    • I don’t know Pearl, “nut-jobs” as you put it, don’t play by the rules. There are alwaysways tocircumvent any legislation, legally or otherwise.. The responsibility rests with the individual, not the State, or Federal governments. You cannot legislate morality or sanity, and as I said, “don’tblame the tool”.. Money can buy anything in a capitalist society, (or most any society for that matter)if you want something like more ammo,, someone will sell it to you. Guaranteed!Wouldit have been any less of a massacre if only 9-10 people died in Newtown? I don’t think so. Think aboutthis for a second.. If one of those brave souls, (the principal or the guidancecounselor) had a gun and was trained to use it, we may be talking differently about guns today! There is no easy solution to this problem, but disarming or even restricting thelaw-abiding citizenry is not the way to eliminate the danger of mass murder. We must insure that those who purchase these weapons areresponsible for their safe-keeping and are ultimately responsible for their use or misuse.As you can tell I feel very strongly about giving government more power, look what they’ve done already. I stand by my position,that to allow government to legislate for, our safety, is detrimental to ,our safety! With all that being said, stay safe and alert. Love, Jake.


      • paul rose says:

        I’ve tried to make the same argument myself, Jack, but to no avail. I’ve realized that gun control enthusiasts are obsessed with the belief that if you outlaw guns massacres like CT will magically never happen again. There was an article in the Boston Globe recently about law enforcement agents confiscating an arsenal of 500 ILLEGAL weapons, including several of the same type of assault weapons used in Newtown. Weapons that gun laws have no influence or effect on whatsoever and were headed for the open market. I keep asking why we are not evaluating the individual’s circumstances at home that caused him to be filled with such rage in the first place, and if he had a mental disorder why is the federal government not investing in proper facilities to assist, but all I get is the sound of crickets. It seems to me the feds would rather squander a trillion dollars on green energy companies that go bankrupt and demand gun laws than put any effort into evaluating the real cause of these horrific crimes and investing in solutions that could turn the trend.

      • Paul I couldn’t agree more. What about all of those weapons the “we” sent to Mexico? I would suggest that you present the city of Chicago as an example of your argument. They have the toughest gun laws in the country, and they are basically a crime ridden city with ever increasing armed assaults, murders, home invasions etc. Australia took that same route and their violent crime statistics have been staggering ever since. Thanks for your comment and it is good to know that there are people out there that believe that our Constitution is the greatest document ever written and that it should not be altered by anyone who has less intelligence than those who created it..

  2. the easiest way to make a point with that argument is to put a rock in place of a gun – for some reason it makes more sense to the ones who can;t grasp the fact it is the person wielding the gun not the gun that kills – a rock can do some serious damage – but it is just a tool of the person throwing, bashing , crashing…Rocks don;t kill people, people kill people. The only difference beibg a gun can go off being hit or placed or loaded or not safely carried but that still goes back to human error. I hope the reference to nut jobs was not a blanket statement of the mentally ill,,,, that it referred to the ones who do these horrible acts and does not presume any nutjobs would. Sorry normally I wouldn’t say anything i am not PC not do I get my feelings being called crazy nuts or whacko – except when its put that a whacko will get a gun and kill a bunch of people because they are a whacko not they are a whacko for thinking or trying it..potatoes / potatoes 🙂 .maybe i am just a little off my game Jake – sorry if that was out of line.. I am tired. a little raw and really really tired. 2 steps forward one and a half back… Mental Illness is not the cause.. just as guns aren;t..

    • First and foremost Lizzie, “nut-jobs” was not of my doing, I used it in reference to my sister-in-law’s statement, and as I know her, I can say unequivocally that she was only referring to the socio/psychopaths who can and would commit such horrors. Personally, from what I can tell, you are handling your illness magnificently. Keep on truckin’ as they say.. Oh yeah, while I am at it, you can never be out of line here. In fact I encourage all comments pro and con, I’d like to think that I am secure enough in my own intelligence, (that being relevant to the subject at hand of course) to accept criticism, contrary, or just different, points of view. So, as always thank you for your contributions here. Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2013
      Your friend,

      • I think I needed sleep 🙂 I normally dont get the least bit ruffled at that kind of thing – heck I do it quite a bit – possibly knowing my own intentions I don;t see it the same but really I could have put that and I – and you would have known but it might have offended someone else. I maybe was trying to blow off some steam and it had nothing to do with it.. the ones who use the terms in ignorance are more than obvious – they yell,, my mother said something so …darkages about the mental illlness in relation to the shooting i was stunned, and honestly being my mother, I was deeply hurt. I try to show a positive side and live in a way that utilizes the gifts I have which some I am sure are connected to having bipolar.. and i missed gettign the message to my own mom. I am not mad or unforgiving, changing an attitude that has been held for ,,ever does not happen overnight. I wish tho that they would find out how much the mental illness really had to do with the act before they announce it to the world in a way that suggests that is the reason it happened. – obviously he was unstable but his decision and the plan – could have been anyone in this day and age… its not the plot of the twisted mind born from being mentally ill… its an idea that a disordered brain will think is the way to solve something or get the attention it craves – I donlt like the whole pc thing and we have the right to free speech – I was wrong to pop off like that so I appreciate your understanding 🙂 I think I may hibernate the rest of the winter…lol ok maybe not. Its good you can bring this kind of discussion here – the other point being if I didnt; feel “safe” I would have just clicked off.. so there is that. Thanks Jake 🙂

      • paul rose says:

        There are many forms of mental illness, some of which can result in violent behavior. Among them schizophrenia. I am not condemning the mentally ill, or saying that everyone who is mentally ill or has a disorder of some kind is a danger to the general public, but I firmly believe sane or mentally stable individuals do not go around massacring innocent children. That kind of behavior can only be associated with a very unstable and irrational individual. I think it is missing the point to be discussing what kind of disorder or illness may or may not be responsible for this kind of behavior. That is for the experts to determine and research. Was Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin mentally ill? I have no idea. The point is we need to have better ways of identifying individuals who display behavior patterns that may lead to these types of heinous crimes and the facilites to treat them. After all, the Unabomber was only caught because his own brother stepped forward after making those observations on his own. Who knows how many other people would have been wounded or killed had his brother not made the conscious decision to alert authorities?

      • Hitler and Stalin would definitely be considered at least to be sociopathic with deep seeded anger and resentment issues, so I would guess that they would have been considered mentally ill.. But I wouldn’t want to be the doctor that had to tell them. There is danger in having young people “evaluated” by the state, and problems with some treatments that are currently being used. But with that being said there must be some indicators of behavioral issues out of the “norm” and it is incumbent on the families to seek help at an earliest sign of abnormal behavior.

      • paul rose says:

        I agree with everything you are saying Jake, especially the part about informing Hitler and Stalin they have “issues”. … Lizzy – Not sure I agree with your assessment “Yet, not every person who commits a violent crime or exhibits violent behavior is mentally ill”. Since violent behavior is not the norm, how then would you explain it? I’ll give you there are exceptions to my mental illness theory. There was a movie made a while ago with Denzel Washington about a man who could not get proper medical care for his son and took matters into his own hands using a weapon as a convincing argument. Was he mentally ill? Unlikely. An interesting twist and something to support your argument; but who then is responsible indeed? …what can we do as a society to prevent these types of incidents from occurring?… What assistance and/or tools can the government provide? ….and how far should they be allowed to go in their involvement?…. so many questions, One thing we seem to agree on is that knee jerk reactions of banning guns is not a viable solution. All roads here seem to lead to a societal solution. Could it be that people and not laws must be the answer? I’ve enjoyed the discussion.

      •      Thank you Paul, it has indeed been an interesting and informative discussion, but not that I wish to speak for Lizzie, as she is so much more informed on the subject of mental illness than I, but I think what she was saying is, that there are so many types of mental illness, and that some lie undetected,(for a variety of reasons, such as misdiagnoses, familial over-protection and/or cover-up) for years without any outward indications, like a “dormant “volcano becoming active. While I agree with your assessment that to kill for the sake of killing is a true sign of a “malfunctioning” brain, I think Lizzie was telling us that she got upset at the broad-brush approach and hurtful word used to describe mental illness. Nut-jobs, crazy, whacko, lunatic, as I said to her, are to people with mental illness,(and there are, as you know, many different types, degrees, and depths to it) the same or similar to; being call fatso, or stupid, the “N” word or queer and the rest of the hurtful tags that are used by people who may not realize the damage to someone’s psyche that they are causing. At least that is the impression that I got from what she was saying.           But again I thank you for the engaging discussion and I hope that you will continue to add your comments and commentary anytime.   Jake.   


      • Oh no, I had a nice long reply to you all typed in and ready to go, and I hit the wrong button and poof it vanished and now I can’t remember exactly how I put things, and I won’t try. But basically I was saying that we, the uniformed and ignorant have no way of knowing the depth and differences of the disease. Nor unless we have or know someone who has the disease can relate to it. I went on to say the convenient words like crazy, whacko, lunatic etc. are the words of the ignorant and are just as hurtful to those afflicted as fatso, or stupid or the “N” word or queer and the like. But until it is brought forward into the light it will continue. I really liked my initial response so much better and I wish I could have sent that to you. But I guess this will have to do for now.. Feel free to vent anytime.

      • I dont really find crazy derogatory in comparison to mentally ill but I know I am not really a majority..- i am actually going to do a post about it someday so I wont here lol, I so hate when my comments get eaten and it is always the long and good ones isn;t it? i really am not mch of a venter- you caught me on a venting day.. thanks for the understanding though.. much appreciated

      • When pressure of any kind builds, it must be vented or an eruption of great magnitude will occur.. Thanks for venting.. lol

      • Yet, not every person who commits a violent crime or exhibits violent behavior is mentally ill. Guns and Mental illness – really its the collective gasp of a people who let it happen again after swearing things would change last time, looking for something or someone to blame that doesn;t have them accountable for any of it.. guns and mental illness have been around forEVER.. Sometimes and rarely the delusions and paranoia can result in violent outbursts in schizophrenics but it isn;t just one day they are all good and they snap… there are definitive signs that the schizophrenic is losing grasp and control.. violence isn not an indicator, symptom or common occurrence in those with schizophrenia or bipolar or similar illness – they are serious brain disorders that affect those with them differently but violence – is usually the result of the sufferer getting beyond their ability to reason and logically solve problems – often it is a cry out for attention and by the time they get to the point of violence which may be as simple as throwing something against a wall… they only want to be heard or helped or validated. and it is directed inward more often than not i believe. the mentally ill who do violence just because are sociopaths.. and although I ant be sure I would bet that bipolar and sociopathic are not comorbid – nor schittzophrenia..theses involve emotions ..and yet when they want to yell and justify withthe diagnosis of mental illness – it is never a sociopath.. but one of the diorders which is not so predisposed to violence unless they are left to unravel unnoticed.. and that doesnt just happen…even on tv..the bad guy is never the sociopath.. it makes not a bit of sense but here go the masses believing what they are told without the care to find out for thmeselves… and they act on false knowledge – ruining someones life on false track. No that doesn’t make it excusable but the point I am trying to make is…there are signs leading up to that. – the break with reality – the decision to go shoot up a school – there is planning involved… . there are obvious oddities in behavior and speech and interaction… so now yes the mentally ill may be more likely to snap but .. they weren;t fine 5 minutes ago. So who should bear the responsibility for not paying attention? the gun thing is hard because some of those with disorders are perfectly fine with no violent tendencies – some people have episodes once in ten years… some are people you would trust with your life when they are stable.. and then you have the problem of taking away their rights because of something they cant help and treating them like they are less than….because they have a brain disorder. What about the crap we allow to go out on the airwaves> the violence and god awful ..shit that is portrayed on tv .. and we slap warnings on it not for under 13 but really stop watching for awhile and when you try to go back to it you will realize its not suitable for 40 ..or any age.. respect.. commitment,, values morals, the value of a human life… its not there and yet our kids – are being raised more by that then by parents.. used to be if i was doing something wrong and the neighbor saw ou best believe they told my no one wants to get involved cause they vould get sued. there is not one thing or two to point the finger at. We are all responsible for it. Persoanl accountability is another one and the example being set … Why did no onw see this boy, or the other ones, or the lady who pushed people on front of the train in NY – muttering to herself.. so of course she is mentally ill and most likely she is…why did no one see them fall apart?? someone did, and just didnt want to get involved. that has been in recent past – and the guns and the crqazies were here long long before that… so who is to blame who is responsible.. try to point the finger as much as we want – it is our – everyones responsiblity as a society and a nation.. but that is lost on too many these days…

      • We hardly know our neighbors anymore, everyone sticks to themselves and “minds there own business” out of fear of lawsuits and overprotective parents. As far as the kid in Ct. was concerned I heard that he found out that his mother was going to have him committed for observation and that was the trigger for him. You, of course know so much more about the subject than I, and I would suspect that you are 100% correct as to signals and progressions being evident to somebody at least. If that story is true his mother was aware of it but didn’t do what was necessary soon enough.

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