I Built An Ark

      Continuing along in the humorous vein.. The following is still one of my favorites, I posted it awhile ago, when there weren’t as many of you reading my balderdash (love that word, it’s fancy for crap) and I was surprised that it did not garner the attention that, (I thought) it deserved. So I will persevere, and periodically post it, until I am satisfied it has gotten the recognition that it deserves. So if you wish to spare yourselves the agony of reading it again and again and again, please respond accordingly. A lot of work (ha ha) went into it, and I do hope you will read and enjoy.

     Thursday is the gateway to Friday, which is the gateway to the weekend, enjoy them all,


Ps. It is quite long, so grab your favorite beverage, put your feet up and have some fun.


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 The grey skies, they stayed,

for countless of days,

refusing, to relinquish, their space.

And the sun went away,

on vacation, they say,

and left us, with clouds, in it’s place.


 While the sun, shined on through,

to warm, waters of blue,

the water here, dropped in, from the sky.

Oh, yes it dropped, and it dropped,

thought it never, would stop,

and the wood, for an ark, I might buy.


 But on, the twelfth day,

the clouds, went away,

and revealed, a sky, colored blue.

Then for twenty-four hours,

clear skies, they were ours,

’til the next day, when the grey, came back through.


 So, I revisited, the thought,

of an ark, and I bought,

enough lumber, to get us afloat.

And with nails and some glue,

nuts and bolts, and some screws,

I put together, what looked, like a boat.


 Now, with the building, all through,

it was time, for phase two,

the gathering in, of the fauna.

I found the dogs and the cats,

I found squirrels, and bats,

and I managed, to find, two iguana.


 Well, it didn’t take long,

to see, what was wrong,

the space, would be rapidly, fading.

  I couldn’t carry them all,

so, one of each, I did call,

and asked them, to do, some persuading.


 The first, was the bear,

he had prepared, with great care,

but in the end, did not, get his wish.

There’d be no room, for his berries,

his size, caused me worries,

and of course, we would carry, no fish.


 Then next, came the skunk,

with whom, no one, would bunk,

and that fact alone, ruled them out.

Yes, they came, and they came,

and it continued, to rain,

like the heavens, had opened, a spout.


 Well, now I could see,

it was all, up to me,

and quickly, I’d have, to decide.

I ‘d have to, make up my mind,

who would be, left behind,

and who, would come, for the ride.


 I ruled out, the large reptile,

and others, that I thought vile,

but the horses, just for beauty, were in.

The hogs, they would sail,

for I knew, without fail,

there was food, hidden under, their skin.


 The elk and the moose,

I had to refuse,

and reluctant, the same, of the fox,

but, oh my, he was sly,

that little, redheaded guy,

and they, stowed-away, in a box.


 I took on the goat,

and as they boarded, the boat,

they turned, and said “bah”, to their friends.

 Oh, the sheep, left to weep,

would not be needed, to sleep,

for in dreamland, that night, I would spend.


 And then finally, the cow,

said she’d stay, in the bow,

and from there, she never, would roam.

When I asked, of her mate,

she did not, hesitate,

and said the bull, was here, in this poem.


 With phase two, now in place,

against the clock, I did race,

to get, all provisions, on board.

There was feed, to be had,

but in weather, this bad,

the mood, it was prime, for discord.


 As I worked, on phase three,

the logistics, you see,

I became, overwhelmed, with the task.

I needed a crew,

not just, one or two,

so I went, to my friends, and I asked.


 If any or all,

would answer, the call,

to sign on, and go sailing, with me.

They all had excuses,

one said, if the mooses,

weren’t going, then neither, was he.


 Another would claim,

that arthritical pain,

would not allow him, to shovel, or scoop.

And, he’d be of no use,

to me, or the goose,

and removed, himself, from the loop.


 But, when my wife said to me,

that neither would she,

 I knew my plans, had come, to an end.

And I must then, bid adieu,

to the deer, and gnu,

and the rest, of my animal, friends.


 Now when I, said goodbye,

was with a tear, in my eye,

as I, had gotten, to know ’em.

But one, would stay on,

and though the cow, she was gone,

the bull, would remain, with this poem.


Jack Downing

                                                                          Apr. 2011

Copyright© Jack Downing, aka Jake @poemsandponderings.wordpress.com. All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted or disseminated in any manner without the expressed written consent of the author. JRD 6/28/12


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11 Responses to I Built An Ark

  1. Yay! You should make it into a book! Ok well maybe the bull thing isn’t all that appropriate for kids (would totally be for mine though) it was very reminiscent of… Shel Siverstein and I enjoyed it very very much….the bull at the end is perfect! ( hahaha you see how i did that you should thing? but now i got myself all self conscious so I am just going to point out that it was uttered as a wouldn;t it be fricking cool if you did kind of way… like hey have this donut! ) 😉

    • Haaaaaaa, Haaaaaaaa, At work my friend and I have a little private joke for all of those people who have all of the answers to everyones’s problems but their own..We just say to each other “I KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO, IF I WERE YOU” never fails to get a chuckle..Okay, so maybe you have to be there…..
      But thank Lizzy for your astute and encouraging comments, and I’ll take a chocolate glazed if you please..

  2. Beth Ann says:

    It is kind of Dr. Seussy in a way…..love the bull ….I think you have a winner here.

  3. Noah was a jerk. He should not have taken fleas, gnats, mosquitoes and ticks.

  4. I haven’t had the chance to “slow read” your three posts. But I clicked like, because I know you wrote it yourself, and didn’t plagiarize, so they must be good = ) Have a great day, Jake!

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