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When Hope Departs

When Hope Departs   Wherein lies the good hope when the truth is shown, with all doubt removed to face one’s mirror own?  * What purpose has it then to dream beyond the real, while knowing in the heart that … Continue reading

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A Sail To Paradise

           I’m tired of winter and its cold weather, I think I’d like; A SAIL TO PARADISE I would like, to build a boat, I’d pray to God, that it would float. Then sail away, to isle remote, where, … Continue reading

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Reflections And Interjections

    Another look inside the mind of a true geni,  wacked-out weirdo.. Here’s a view of life through my eyes. Have a fun Saturday, Jake. Reflections And Interjections I want my cause of death to read; of old age and self-indulgence. …………………………………………………… Women forgive, … Continue reading

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A Sail To Paradise

      There is no reason for a long introduction to this poem. When you’ve read it, I think you will know what it is all about..      Please enjoy the trip everyone, Jake. A SAIL TO PARADISE  I would like, … Continue reading

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When Houses Cry

     Is anyone as interested as I am, as to the history of old tumble-down and deserted houses, long-ago boarded up and left to deteriorate, that we see only through the eyes of the stranger, the passer-by?  Do you ever think about the people who once lived there?  Or, … Continue reading

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