The Evening Of All Saints

     Halloween, is on our doorsteps, eeeeeeewwwww… But  Halloween is not what it used to be, for a number of reasons.. Too many “Nut Jobs” out there doing sick things to the candy and such. Over-protective parents who would rather smother their kids, than educate them about life and the consequences of deviating from those teachings. And last but not least; The “Village Idiots”  who would like to control Halloween.. Changing it to a Saturday afternoon, monitored affair, at the local community center, where the city, town, or better still, “village” will use taxpayer money to provide healthy alternatives, (we used to get CANDY.. and by the shopping bag full) referred to now as “goodies” by them, for OUR children.. They’ve already taken Christ out of Christmas, and are now on the verge of taking the “spooky” out of Halloween and replacing it with a boring, nondescript day, of “canned laughter” and phony-baloney prizes. But most of all, they have taken away, both the “Trick and the Treat” and frankly, in my opinion, they’re trying to take all of the FUN and CREATIVITY out of Halloween! Be watchful, and vigilant, but let your kids be kids..

     Do you remember the “pranks” that were played on someone who didn’t answer the door with candy in a bowl, or even have their porch light on for the “Trick or Treaters“? Basically harmless, though some went a bit overboard, (the flaming bag of dog excrement comes immediately to mind)  but most were innocent things like bobby pins, (do they still make those things?) stuck in the doorbell, and maybe some toilet paper all over your trees, a little soap on your car windows, etc. etc.

     But that was when it was all a part of growing up in America, and we bonded with our neighbors, and they all knew who you were and where you lived and most of all… Knew your parents… Now that was the fear and failsafe of Halloween my friends. Ah, now those were “the good old days”!!

     Please stay safe on this Sunday,


Halloween is fun

It is supposed to be fun



The October day, had surrendered to the dark,

when the winds of chill, began to howl,

and carried on its back, a woeful bark,

soon followed, by the hooting of the owl.


 With, shutters clapping rhythmic, on the sides,

the house began to waken, in the night,

warning me, of what may be outside,

I arose, and put the porch, in light.


 Putting mind to ease, I then returned,

to my long-awaited evening meal,

there in the pot, and now just slightly burned,

could still nourish, and my hunger heal.


 Then, with the spoon, but barely at my lips,

there came a pounding, loud, upon my door,

and fear, it journeyed fast, from head to hips,

frozen now, my feet seemed, to the floor.


 Then came again, the urgent, frightful sound,

which, stirred my mind back into action,

rising slowly, yet, my heart began to pound,

curiosity, now demanding satisfaction.


 What dread awaited me, out in the night,

what hellish thing, had put my heart to beat?

I unlatched and flung the door, to face the fright,

and heard the gleeful yell, of trick or treat!


 I had forgotten, the day of souls in pain,

and the night that passes, in between,

that day, and the day of all the saints,

the eve all children know, as Halloween.


 Jack Downing

Sept. 2009

Copyright© Jack Downing, aka Jake All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted or disseminated in any manner without the expressed written consent of the author. JRD 10/28/12


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Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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