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The Day Is Fast Upon Us

     Though my muse has been on an extended hiatus, I have been able to occasionally scratch one out on my own. This is one that will require some interpretation on your part. I do hope it will give … Continue reading

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Christmas Cheer

     From the ghost of Christmas past, comes this bit of advice. I’ve edited it somewhat this year, I hope you enjoy it and perhaps some of us will heed the message. (Though as usual, it probably won’t be … Continue reading

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Politics In Haiku (Part II)

     It has been awhile dear friends since I have posted anything, so I thought that when I posted today it should be something topical. And immediately, politics came to mind and my Haiku postings usually garner a healthy … Continue reading

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Nursery Rhymes And Fairy Tales Revisited

     I’ve started a new category for your reading pleasure, “Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales Revisited” in which I take a bizarre look at the stories that we tell our children when they are young. All of them happy, … Continue reading

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Nature In Haiku

     Haiku has become a favorite of mine, I find it fairly easy to write so long as I have a subject. Well today’s subject is nature, and the material is almost unlimited. But we must draw the line … Continue reading

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Interjections and Reflections

     It has been a while since I have delved into my twisted thought files, so here are a few of the old and the new. Enjoy please. Have a great Thursday everyone, Jake. Ben Franklin said that “Haste Makes Waste.” … Continue reading

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Sundays In Haiku

     It has been a while since I’ve given you some Haiku, so this morning I wrote these and I will hope that you like them, and that you don’t find them to be a….”Stink-o de my-o”…. In any case happy Cinco … Continue reading

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January In Haiku

     I think a little more Haiku is in order… Don’t you? Okay, seeing as how we all agree, here is my look at January in Haiku.      Make your Monday memorable, Jake. January In Haiku   Christmas now over Remittance now … Continue reading

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Christmas In Haiku

    It has been a little while since my last attempt at Haiku.. And what better subject than the Christmas Season, that we are currently experiencing. So I thought of a few today, for your reading pleasure, or at least something to do while … Continue reading

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Politics In Haiku

     Politics! It’s all here.. In Haiku. Enjoy, Jake. Politics In Haiku Election Day gone My candidate did not win The end is now near ……………………………………………  Lawyers or liars All candidates seem to be Just one and the same ……………………………………………. … Continue reading

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