From Lexington To Babylon

     I really love this poem, as a person who has always been interested in American History. It tells the story of what our forefathers had to contend with, in the first two hundred years or so, of our existence. We truly had to fight our way to where we are today. And in honor of Veteran’s Day this week, this should cover most if not all, of the bases. In so many words it is a battle history of the United States.

     Once again, I offer my apologies to my international friends, as I am sure this weeks poetry does not appeal or apply to all of you, but if you will, please bear with me, as Saturday I will return to the abnormal poet that you have come to know, love and adore.(okay, make that, tolerate)

     Have yourselves a Thursday to remember,


From Lexington To Babylon

They, were there at Lexington,

and down the road, at Concord too.

They were there, at Yorktown,

with the battle finally through.


 They were there, at Fort McHenry,

where, the spangled banner flew.

And again at New Orleans,

as part of Jackson’s crew.


 They were there, at Vera Cruz,

with Taylor, and with pride

and Texas is a state today,

because, they would not be denied.


 They, were there at Gettysburg,

lining both the sides,

falling, in great numbers,

where some say, they still reside.


 They were there, at San Juan Hill,

dying with every stride,

volunteering, all they had,

themselves, they had supplied.


 Then came the war, to end all wars,

and again, they heard the call.

When in the trenches, with the gas,

they gave once more, their all.


 Then for a score, they rested,

for their greatest moment yet.

That Sunday in December,

impossible, to forget.


 They heard the bugle’s call, again,

in every corner of the land.

The nation, undivided,

united, they would stand.


 They were there, at Normandy,

at Anzio and the Rhine.

Heeding freedom’s beckon,

still yet, another time.


They, were there at Iwo Jima,

Bataan, and Corregidor,

at Guadalcanal and Midway,

many lost, forever more.


 They were there, at Chosin reservoir,

and, they were there at In’Chon too.

With McArthur wanting, to go on,

but, Truman said, ‘you’re through’.


 They were there, at Khe Sanh,

they were there, in old Saigon,

with choppers, flying off the roof,

still, the brave fought on.


 And still, they’re here with us today,

as they were in Panama.

Now, in Afghanistan and Babylon,

they follow, their own star.


 Yes, they have always answered,

when freedom, made demands.

Their hearts and minds, would follow,

our gratitude, that must command.


 On their guard for America,

so, freedom would not fall,

and, though they cannot witness,

I salute them, one and all.


 Jack Downing

July 2009

©Jack Downing, aka Jake All rights reserved. Content may not be reprinted or disseminated in any form without the expressed consent of the author. 11/08/11


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4 Responses to From Lexington To Babylon

  1. Beth Ann says:

    Adding my salute!!!! Thanks for the great poetry this week!

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