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The Prison Project

     Blue Monday is over, but I’m not going to let you up, just yet. The following is a poem that has a happy ending for a young mother and her baby, but it also tells of others who will not now, … Continue reading

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Work To Be Done

     Yesterday, (Monday 7/23/12) around Southern New England, was very close to the perfect weather day, and yet I had to go to work, as did most of us, I’m sure. But it brought back memories of long, lazy summer days with clear blue skies, … Continue reading

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Inflated Nickels

      Well, it’s Monday again. Doesn’t that just bite your a$$? So, I think we should lighten up to start the work week a little, don’t you? The following is the story of inflation and how $383.50 sounds like plenty of … Continue reading

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     With election year upon us, here in the United States, we must prepare ourselves for an abundance of ‘BS‘, ( I don’t have to spell it out for you)that is about to follow. Time after time we are asked to … Continue reading

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Wishes Of A Lifetime

     We attended a funeral service on Saturday, 2/25/12 and while I did not know the man very well, it was out of respect for my son-in-law and his family that we went. As I did not know the man personally, I had … Continue reading

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A Letter To Lincoln

     Here in the U.S. we celebrated President’s Day this past Monday. It is  a holiday intended to honor Presidents Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays February 22nd and 16th respectively. I was remiss in not mentioning this on Monday, so belatedly, … Continue reading

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Reflections/Interjections (Page thirteen)

Taking the easy way out again, as it is late, and I am thoughtless. Oops, I mean without thought,(rational or otherwise)though my wife would probably concur with the former. So naked still, the canvas be, as the palette thirsts for color, and the brush remains untouched.. In other … Continue reading

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     First let me start off by saying, that yesterday’s post “A Super Bowl Prayer” did not help the Patriots as you all know by now..However,  I do believe that all prayers are answered, and that sometimes His answer is … Continue reading

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