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The Scarlet Sky

     Red sky at night, a sailor‘s delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning. Here’s my take on that.      Have a wonderful weekend my friends, Jake. THE SCARLET SKY  When crimson splashes on the sky … Continue reading

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No News Is Good News

     My gypsy-like muse has returned, at least for a visit, it would appear. Three poems in two days is a good sign.      The following poem is a look at news-worthy events, some current, some not so … Continue reading

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It’s In The Mail

      As my day job, currently, (but only until I start making money off of my poetry/songwriting) is at a(n?) United States Postal Service mail processing facility, I have ample opportunity to see, mail trucks. Surprise!! However, when this poem came to mind, it … Continue reading

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Let the Flame of Freedom Burn

     Okay, we’ve gone awhile without some political rant reference from poemsandponderings, so brace yourselves, here he goes again. Let the Flame of Freedom Burn The future of this nation, is in debate today, and I’m not feeling comfort, in what I … Continue reading

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