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Life In A Nutshell

     A little more self-reflection from the fringe..      Have a wonderful weekend everyone and a Happy Father’s day to all of the dads out there.      Jake.   A Life In A Nutshell I’ve been a … Continue reading

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The Final Run Of Engine Number Nine

     This is one of my longest poems, an epic if you will, and one of my story poems. Please take a minute (or 3) and put yourself in the engine compartment of Engine Number Nine.. But don’t stay there … Continue reading

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     Ah yes, the good old days, do you remember your parents and grandparents saying how much better things were back in their day? Well now it’s our turn to relate just how simple life seemed to be back when we were growing up. … Continue reading

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     This being Good Friday, I feel compelled to post a spiritual poem, and express my gratitude to the LORD..  Unworthy Lord, how you’ve blessed me, in oh, so many ways, that I am having trouble, with the counting, these days. … Continue reading

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The Life and Death Of Connor Finnegan

     Get yourself a cup of tea, or coffee if you prefer, and put your feet up,  for this is a long one. First published two years ago as my St. Patrick’s Day offering it seems to have garnered even more … Continue reading

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Secret Angels

     I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date…..Not really, just having a little trouble getting started this morning..      Anyway, have you ever met, or at least heard of, those special people, usually “perfect” strangers, who seem to know exactly what to … Continue reading

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One Small Thought

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     “Okay Jake, lighten up.” I can hear you all saying it, you are, aren’t you? “That was way too intense for us, all your political rantings and ravings of yesterday, give us something more humorous and nonsensical, something that we … Continue reading

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Mary’s Limerick

     By now you all know how much I love “limericks” must be the Irish in me. So here is another for your enjoyment, at least that is the intent.      Today is *National “Find a friend Friday” do your … Continue reading

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Reflections (Page eight)

     Really don’t have much to say today. (A pleasant surprise to most, no doubt) So I will let my thoughts from earlier days speak for me. Have a fiesta Friday, Jake. REFLECTIONS (page eight) •••  Beauty is only skin deep. … Continue reading

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Zelda’s Well

     What to post, what to post? Did you ever have one of those days? I have them all of the time, so I use the mental dart board approach. That is why some of my material reappears from time to … Continue reading

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