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Generation One-Eighty

Now some of you, heretofore referred to as us/we, seem to have a different (make that old-school) perspective on what is now considered to be the “norm,” in regard to corrective action for our own, or anyone else’s, offspring’s deviation … Continue reading

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Two Shades Of Green

    With all of the talk and/or legislation involving restrictions on coal, oil drilling, fracking and other types of mining, on oil and natural gas pipelines, while offering environmental protection for every conceivable plant, animal and insect, we have … Continue reading

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     Oh, we’ve all heard the stuff about the “good old days”, haven’t we? Well sometimes, those things are without a doubt, true. But of course, none of us would want go back to those days because of all the advancements in technology and medicine and the quality of ‘living'(but life?) that we … Continue reading

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