On Our Traveling Minstrel Show

 On Our Traveling Minstrel Show

Can or will there ever be

another, any other,

just the same as you

or even just as me?

If true or not then how

will we ever know, if it be so,

without proof of such

if we cannot see it now?

Can we accept some idle thought

of the he or of the she

who has not been through all of time

and of they I know of not?

So, are we not unique to know

of the there’s and where’s

 of what we’ve been or am

on our traveling minstrel show?


Jack Downing

Mar. 2017

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Saint Patrick And The Snakes

May Saint Patrick chase all your snakes away
and your skies be all blue without a tinge of the grey
and may you all be kept warm and kept free from all harm
whilst raising a pint
on this Saint Patrick’s Day!!

~Jack Downing~

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The March Wind

As a “tribute” to the winds of March that blustered and bullied us here in New England this past weekend..

The March Wind

Tis the lion’s roar we feel this day

as the March wind so bitterly bears the freeze

sure as cold it be, as the witch’s heart

unlike the warmth of a young April’s breeze.

To the bone and more the chill does set

and from but a few their spirit all will squeeze

for no comfort be found in a weathered space

nay, not in such harsh degrees!


Through the day and evening’s hours

comes the howl as if off a banshee’s cry

and of our prayers for it to cease or ease

leave us here to ask but why?

What have we done to earn this fate

that now saps the young and spry

that will lay the old and tired down

and have the birds too cold to fly?


How have we sinned to feel such pain

that trembles us head to toe

that humbles yet the proudest soul

with a dread to outside go?

While the hearth is warm and the food be hot

does not the inside’s fire show

that there on the outside of our doors

the wicked March wind doth blow?


With more of a bitter bite we’ve felt

than all of winter’s winds til now

should we not be praising of our good luck

and not to a March wind downward bow?

So if the whims of nature hold no care

as to the when nor where nor how

shall not then, the next March wind I feel

fulfill my warm and new sworn vow?


Jack Downing

Mar. 2017

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More Questions Than Answers

Do I fight for right and principle
or just rest upon my laurels?
Must I always watch my ass
if I would prefer to eye the sorrels?
Can I not question my decisions
if I never doubt my morals?
May I serve myself a quiet meal
without arguments or quarrels?
Or will I set sail upon a stormy sea
or remain in port amidst the plurals?

~Jack Downing~
Feb. 28, 2017

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A Tale of Truth and Lies

                 A Tale of Truth and Lies

A wise old Irishman by the name of O’Flynn

once stood on the stoop of “The Olde Sailor’s Inn”

and he cried in remorse for his most sorrowful sin

but alas, ’bout his tale, now shall where I begin?

T’was on the third of September in Nineteen and Ten

or perhaps t’was November as I think again. 

My memory was better far a ways back and when

as was most of meself as I recall of me then!

But less I digress let me now make amends

and get on with the tale without lies or emends.

If you seek out the most honest and truthful of friends

whilst some would suggest, some would say he pretends.

For O’Flynn as you’ll see was a man of his words

and a politico for sure with more feathers than birds

he could convince a good bishop his droppings weren’t turds

and if they’d be heeded become but the sweetest of curds.

And so that it was that on that fateful day

on the 16th of April or was it the 2nd of May,

that the honorable, sorrowful  O’Flynn had his say

on the stoop at the inn by the head of the bay?

For you see that this good man or some would say not

had said to some, but a little, but to some said a lot

and, in both situations on the truth he’d spoke naught 

or if there had been some it was surely stretched taut.

But on now to his tears that had flowed to the ground

at the “Olde Sailor’s Inn” and the precincts surround  

and I’ll tell you what happened each sight and each sound,

that is, if and when, my remembrance be found! 


                                Jack Downing

                                  Feb. 15, 2017

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Where Are The Answers?

Where Are The Answers?

So many questions on life are asked

but to our own particular soul

like, how many minutes are there left

until I’ve heard my final toll?


Will I be at peace then at the end

or will I suffer grand?

And will everyone that I have loved

forgive and understand?


Have I done enough for those

who have really needed me?

And if not then why, I ask myself

have I sailed a selfish sea?


Do I deserve the life that I have lived

without many a tear or strife?

Do I deserve the love and care

of my family, friends and wife?


Though what lies ahead is mystery

so too, were all my days before

and when only hope and prayers are left

what awaits beyond that final door?


Is there a Heaven and or a Hell

that shall beckon for my spirit

and if, which place, shall I be called

shall I then rejoice or fear it?


But, as I think upon these things

I realize that these are questions

that offer me more than a doubtful life

and have now become suggestions!


For as long as we can change for good

and our life’s bell has a tone

and if it peals each day without an end

then, can we not atone?


Still then I ask this of myself

when I deem that as solution

am I just grasping at a phantom wind

or merely self-absolution?


Jack Downing

Feb. 2017

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It would seem to me that each and every year we decide that this is “the time” to alter and atone for some of our bad behaviors of the past year (and/or life) and give up some of those bad habits. But I have a better idea. Why not point out the bad habits and behaviors of other people that we know (and work with?) and then suggest that they change THEIR bad habits and behaviors? I think then our chances of success will be far greater or at the very least, about the same as trying to give up ours and of course, the effort and inconvenience on our part will be much less demanding!

And as an added benefit there will surely be fewer offensive people in our lives this time next NEW YEAR!! Win, Win.


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