A Southbound Train

Okay facebook here it comes again..  Warning!! Political commentary on the tracks ahead!

Please read and give it a lot of thought, before the upcoming elections.

Have an American kind of day,


An American Odyssey.

An American Odyssey.

A Southbound Train

When I climbed aboard that southbound train

I was headin’ back, to America’s roots

I was wearin’ jeans and a flannel shirt

and I’d traded my shoes for boots.

‘Cause down-home country livin’

is how it’s supposed to be.

Where a truck and a gun and a good ol’ dog

tells a man he’s livin’ free.


No, I don’t need no politicians

to tell me how I should act

I was born and raised in America

and I love her, and that’s a fact.

I served her in my youthful prime

and swore to protect the rights,

provided us all by our Maker

and protected by those who’d fight.


Yeah, but America is changin’ now

and not one bit for good

we send the weak to Washington

where the strong, once proudly stood.

Yes, men of moral courage

and defenders of the common cause

led us through uncertain times

and they did so, without pause.


So I’m ridin’ on that southbound train

lookin’ for the USA

no, not the one I’m seein’ now

but, the one from yesterday.

Where a person is free to live their life

in a manner suited just to them

and they are free to worship

and not afraid to shout “Amen”!


So, that is why I’m on this train

headin’ south til I cross the line,

that takes me back to an America

where liberty’s light still shines.

Where I’m gonna find my independence,

gonna get me a huntin’ pup,

and I’m gonna have a rifle racked

in the window of my pickup truck.


Yeah, that’s why I climbed aboard this train

I’m lookin’ for America’s past

where freedom still lives in every heart

and will, til we’ve breathed our last.

So many have died to keep us free

and to save our blessed rights,

and we owe it to them who’ve gone before

not to give up without a fight.


So now, “We the People of the United States”

must once again take a stand,

against the wave of tyranny

that’s spreadin’ out across our land.

But, we must shout with a single voice

We will not be ignored!”

There is freedom on this southbound train,

and we need you, “All Aboard”!


Yes, the southbound train is just a metaphor

for a return to simpler times,

and while there are no rails or trestles

there are surely, warning signs.

But, elections are what drive this engine

and we the people are the engineers,

the Constitution provides for freedom’s fuel

and we can’t let them make it disappear.


It is not just a piece of parchment

to be trifled with on a whim,

it’s the formula for Democracy

and without it, our future’s grim.

Don’t let them tear our nation down

the greedy, and the vain,

join me now you patriots

and get on board the southbound train!


Jack Downing

Apr. 2014

Copyright© Jack Downing, aka Jake @poemsandponderings.wordpress.com. All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted or disseminated without the expressed written consent of the author. JRD. 4/16/14

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