T-Shirts Supporting The Wounded Warrior Project




     As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I have contacted the Malden, Mass. (02148) Irish American club concerning the T-shirt availability and I received a very nice e-mail response from Rick O’Sullivan of the Veteran’s Committee at the club (see below) whose e-mail address is membership@maldenirishamerican.org. As you will see there are still T-Shirts available in support of a valiant and honorable cause… Our returning vets.. $10.00 is a small amount for the service they provided. We tip our restaurant servers more than that for good service, don’t we?

    I’m sure Rick would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading.


Proud sponsors of the Wounded Warrior Project

Proud sponsors of the
Wounded Warrior Project

Hi Jake and thanks for sending the email. I am sorry I did not get it until this morning as we had a time at the club last night and got home too late. For the past few years we have dedicated the monies raised from the sales of the tee shirts on St. Patrick’s Day to help the returning service men and women and their families by supporting the Wounded Warrior Project. As a veteran myself I cant think of a better way to support our veterans especially with all of the cuts that our politicians are taking away from them. We do have more tee shirts available and we are also holding a few raffles as we want to raise more for these heroes this year than last year. Once again thanks for purchasing a shirt and feel free to mention us in your blog if you want. We have an open house today at the club to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day 
Rick O’Sullivan
Membership Committee 
Veterans Committee



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2 Responses to T-Shirts Supporting The Wounded Warrior Project

  1. The Wounded Warriors commercials are on all the time and they really enrage me. Not because of the commercials but because why does private organization must raise money when it should be funded as basic VA care for all vets esp the wounded and disabled?70,000 returning amputees from Iraq and Afghanistan. 400,000 with permanent chronic physical and mental illness.

    • Simply because of a self-serving Congress, who would rather put the money into foreign aid and welfare, than into our veterans welfare, those who have kept us, free from the need of foreign aid..

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