When Death Came From The Sky

    September 11th is a day that we Americans will remember for the rest of our lives. It is one of those moments in life that is forever burned in to your memory, indelible, permanent and most of all, UNFORGIVABLE. The first line of the poem reflects what promise the day held. Then across the TV screens came a sight of an aircraft piercing the “World Trade Center” tower and everyone gasped that such a terrible accident had just happened, until the second jet plunged deep into the second tower and erased all thought of anything accidental. It was an attack upon innocents, an intentional, calculated, despicable act of terror that would for all time change our attitudes on many subjects. Let us not forget for one moment that the enemy lives to destroy us and everything that America represents. We must be forever vigilant in our efforts to prevent another tragedy such as what occurred on that day..

     While not mentioned often enough, in the media lately, September 11th is also the first anniversary of the brutal and savage attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in the deaths and mutilation of  brave and dedicated American patriots who were hung out to dry by an administration of incompetent, callous and self-serving ideologues.

     I apologize for the political commentary, but not the content.

     Let us never forget and become complacent, 





 The morning sparkled like a gem,

the air was warm and dry,

it was a nearly perfect day,

when death, came from the sky.


On the eleventh of September,

in the year, two thousand-one,

America watched in horror,

as they witnessed, terror come.


With not a thought of life’s import,

for themselves or innocents to die,

and the madmen smiled with great delight,

when death, came from the sky.


Martyrs for some heinous cause,

they looked beyond this earth,

but what kind of god would welcome them?

Surely, not a god of worth!


They will not enter heaven,

no virgins will they spy,

and they’ll dwell long in Satan‘s realm,

for when death, came from the sky!


 Jack Downing

Sept. 11, 2009

Copyright© Jack Downing, aka Jake @poemsandponderings.wordpress.com. All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted or disseminated in any manner without the expressed written consent of the author. JRD September 11, 2013




About poemsandponderings

Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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4 Responses to When Death Came From The Sky

  1. loopyloo305 says:

    Amen and amen!

  2. Beth Ann says:

    Sept 11th will never be a day that does not stir emotion in my heart. Thank you, Jake.

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