Mary’s Limerick

This is in honor of a former co-worker and friend, who had the patience of Job, and the temperament to handle certain situations that others could not.

Mary’s Limerick

 You sit between the rock

and the hard place.

Yet you manage to keep a smile

upon your face.

You must be on drugs,

or a least have a jug.

Stashed away,

in some secret space.


Jack Downing

June 2012

Copyright© Jack Downing, aka Jake All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted or disseminated in any manner without the expressed written consent of the author. JRD 8/7/13


About poemsandponderings

Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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4 Responses to Mary’s Limerick

  1. Mary says:

    Thanks Jack. You made me smile. I miss you guys everyday because I like you all and because you don’t jeopardize my life like these crazy mail handlers do! They drive like maniacs, whipping around corners, going @ least 45 on the straight aways and backing up without looking. Sure, they beep their horns but one doesn’t know what the beep means because it’s constant.

    I take the train in and it’s a 25 min commute allowing me to wake up! I work 7-330 with good breaks! I swore I would never return to the “gulag” (GMF) that was my prison back in 1979. The only difference is that it’s a ghost town. No machine noise on tour 2. I interact with the MVS guys at a rapid pace and love being busy. Now I know way Barry hated it. Not much time to eat sardines and soup.

    I see Brian, Skipper and Ahn daily. I’m happy about that….good folks. I see Sally’s brother every day, too. Nice guy. I have a front row seat of Fort Pt Channel and need to wear a vest when I tag out a truck while the MVS guys don’t wear vests even though they traverse the same outside area that I do. Funny PO rules. I follow them all. No worries!

    Keep in touch, Jack. I love your emails even though I don’t respond that often. I don’t get online as much as I used to. I’m NS sun/mon and Monday is spent taking my dear friend, Barbara, to chemo for her ovarian cancer. She beat breast cancer from 4 years ago, now this. A prayer poem from you would be welcomed. She was a carrier at Fields Corner, grew up in Somerville and has a degree from Boston State College where I met her.

    • Mary I don’t know if this is the the type of poem that you might like share with Barbara, but if you think it is appropriate and inspirational, then I will post it on my blog in her honor.. My prayers are with her and our family friend Kandi who is going through a similar situation. Let me know what you think. If it isn’t I’ll find or write something else. God bless them both. Jack.

      *The Mountain*

      *I stood atop the mountain*

      *and I looked God in the eye.*

      *And I said, Oh Lord, forgive me*

      *on this, the day I die.*

      *He just smiled and took my hand,*

      *and sent me on my way.*

      *It’s not your time to be here*

      *is what I heard Him say.*

      *He said, listen to your heart*

      *and hear your brother’s cry.*

      *You’ve got some time ahead of you,*

      *give life, another try.*

      *When I awoke, I felt great peace,*

      *as if my soul was new.*

      *But, I stood atop that mountain,*

      *and that, I swear is true!*

      *Jack Downing*

      *June 2012*

      Copyright Jack Downing, aka Jake All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted or disseminated in any manner without the expressed written consent of the author. JRD

  2. Mary says:

    Perfect, please post it

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