The Picnic

The first day of May

                   should have humor I’d say,                  

as well as a moral to learn.

That not all good intentions,

get favorable mentions,

and how quickly our fortunes may turn!


Enjoy the day and the poem everyone,


Then the ants came a marchin'

Then the ants came a marchin’

The Picnic

Ronnie and Johnny

Bonnie and Donny,

went out for a picnic

one day.

And if not for the ants

that got in their pants,

while there in the grass

they did lay,

all would have been swell

except for that smell,

that somehow had drifted their way.

For, the cows and the sows

the next pasture did house,

but still, they decided to stay.

So they turned to the east

and started the feast,

when the ants came after

their prey.

They ignored all the food

and acted quite rude,

as into their pants,

they did stray.

Then Ronnie and Johnny

and Bonnie and Donny

were pant-less,

as they ran away.

There’s a moral to this story

and though the tale has no glory,

yes, there is but(t)

one thing to say.

When you’re down in the grass

always cover your ass,

lest ye be exposed

in some way.

Jack Downing

Nov. 2012

Copyright© Jack Downing, aka Jake All rights reserved. Contents may not be repinted or disseminated in any manner without the expressed written consent of the author. JRD 5/1/13


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Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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3 Responses to The Picnic

  1. Oh good grief!!! As usual the poem took an unexpected turn and twist!!! That was hilarious!!!

  2. Sally says:


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