Pray For Me

     From out of the song library comes a personal request. Yes, I am a sinner, as are we all, (except for our “blessed and sainted mothers” of course) and prayers for the likes of us are always welcomed. Aren’t they? So, come the Sabbath and when you are thinkin’ of what else to pray for, after world peace, an end to hunger and disease, good health and fortune for your friends, families, yourselves and your pets. And after you’ve prayed for your own Salvation, please drop in a P.S. for those, the likes of myself, who are in need of any and all of the help that we can get.

     While that was said with humor intended, and if your list isn’t too long, I would truly welcome a word of mention to Him, if you would..

     Have a Thursday of thoughtfulness,


P.S. This chapel is located on Boston Post Rd. (Rte. 20) in Sudbury Mass. it is a non-denominational chapel in a pastoral setting. My brother Bill and his wife Margie chose this location for their wedding.  

Brother Bill was married here

The Martha Mary Chapel, Sudbury Ma.


 When you go to church,

on Sunday,

and you’re prayin’

for those who sin.

Pray for me, pray for me,

and pray for me again.

‘Cause it seems to me

the sinful things,

they’ve always tasted

oh, so fine.

So, pray for me, pray for me,

then pray just one more time.

And I know these things

will hurt me,

they’ll hurt me

bad, someday.

So, pray for me, pray for me,

pray they don’t take my soul away.


So, when you go to church

on Sunday,

and you’re prayin’

for those who sin.

Pray for me, pray for me,

and pray for me again.


Of all the pleasures

of this world,

you know I’ve had

my share.

Pray for me, pray for me,

then say another prayer.


Yes, I’ve tasted

of the fruits,

growin’ on

forbidden trees.

 Pray for me, pray for me,

pray these eyes may someday see.


Now, they say my time’s

upon me,

and my Maker I will meet.

Pray for me, pray for me,

pray He’ll have for me, a seat.

So when you go to church

on Sunday,

and you’re prayin’

for those who sin.

Pray for me, pray for me,

and pray again, He’ll take me in!


                                                                     Jack Downing

                                                                        May 2011

 Copyright© Jack Downing, aka Jake All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted or disseminated in any manner without the expressed written consent of the author. JRD 3/14/13

About poemsandponderings

Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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12 Responses to Pray For Me


  2. Beth Ann says:

    Always!!! Great offering today–worthy of praise! Love the little church in the country. Looks so peaceful!

    • It really is. From what I understand, don’t quote me on this, it was built for two sisters Martha and Mary. Mary being the Mary of “Mary had a little lamb.” I think I should do a little more research on that though.. lol

  3. Peaceful indeed! Regards to the Reverend.

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  5. Sally says:

    I really do not believe you need that many prayers , because, since the day that I met you , I have never heard you say one untrue thing about anyone . And I have never met one person that has anything but respect for you. Now there are a couple of people I haven’t talked to and are not friends of mine, so I don’t know what they think and I don’t care!! You are special!!

    • Wow!! What can I possibly say in response to that? I am truly humbled Sal. Yet, I am human and I’m more than confident that Hewill find many, many imperfections. But I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindthoughts and very overly inflatedopinion of me.. Thanks so much, again. Jack.


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    • First off, thank you for the mention and pingback on your blog.. I think you might like the following as well. It is written in the vernacular of the Southern U. S. but the message is clear in any language. I hope you will like it. (From Interjection #14) by Jack Downing

      When you’re dancin’ with the one,
      that brung ya,
      and they’re steppin’
      all over your feet, it’s time for you,
      to change partners.
      before you start feelin’
      the beat.

      (Ladies, please think about this. Seriously!)

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