The Prospect For Peace

     I think I’m safe in saying that we’ve all seen a body of water, be it ocean, lake, stream, pond or river, early in the morning with the sun appearing over the horizon, when the day is fresh and new. And there’s a serenity within us that makes us feel that all is right with the world, (and reality has stepped aside for a moment).. With our very being, relaxed and at ease, we feel the desire to share the moment with everyone. It is at that type of moment, that we feel that there’s a true prospect for peace..

The river flows red at sunrise…

The Prospect For Peace

The river flows red

at sunrise,

as the breeze

blows the blues away.

And the prospect for peace

does then arise.

Let God grant us that,

this day.


 Jack Downing

Sep. 2012



Copyright© Jack Downing, aka Jake All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted or disseminated in any manner without the expressed written consent of the author. JRD 10/3/12


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Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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2 Responses to The Prospect For Peace

  1. Michael says:

    Another beautiful post, Jack. As I read this posting, what immediately creep into my mind is universal peacefulness. “Can there be peace?” Possibly “Yes.” Thanks for sharing your post for the day, Jack. Keep glowing !!!

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