A Crew Of Fools

     By now I’m sure that you all know that I’m not politically attached to either party. But I do have a very strong opinion on the party that is currently in office and in my opinion, are destroying our once great nation.  And, I do have a problem with people who cannot or will not, think for themselves and merely follow the mantra, my party right or wrong…Wake up people, the current administration has led this country to the brink of destruction. From the eroding of the very Constitution on which we were founded to financial ruin through over-spending, ie. public entitlements, and historic debt expansion on a daily basis.. One question I have for the lemmings out there, how can we afford to give Egypt 1.2 BILLION dollars,(and then have their government sit idly by and do nothing while our Embassy is being over-run, and our flag desecrated) when we are borrowing money from China everyday? Is that not the equivalent of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul? Oh, and while I’m at it…Why is China making our military uniforms? Did anyone ever think that the Chinese, (not exactly our strongest ally) might put a small chip somewhere in those uniforms and be able to monitor our troop movements anywhere in the world? What is wrong with Washington? It seems the more liberals we send to Congress the vulnerable we get..

     I apologize for the rant, but not the message. My thoughts are: if “Ignorance is Bliss” we will sail to ruination with a big dumb smile on our faces…

     On that note, I give you;    

All ashore that’s going ashore!!

A Crew Of Fools

 What crew of fools would sail again

upon the derelict,

whose captain scoffs at warnings clear

while following seas predicts?

Who has steered his ship to disaster’s shore

and still sings the siren’s song.

What crew of fools could fail to see

their master’s course be wrong?


What crew of fools would not mutiny

when in peril they are placed,

and the direction they are sailing

does their proud flag, disgrace?

And then would sail not more, upon his ship

and see his sailing days, be through?

But ah, the grog it tastes so sweet,

and the fools drink what he spews.


Jack Downing

Sep. 2012



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Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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4 Responses to A Crew Of Fools

  1. The expansion of marshal law emergency powers of this president is frightening but the congress has approved it all . Habeus corpus may be violated without due process in many situations and is inappropriate for such frivolous reasons.

    • Did you see that movie trailer I sent you aboutmartial law,”The Grey State”? It is scary as hell, and is completely possible.. Our only hope in a situation like that is the National Guard rebels against killing fellow Americans..Of course civil war and anarchy will result, either way it will be the end of this country as we know it..O must Go..in November.


  2. Beth Ann says:

    I am not a very political person myself but with that being said—I do pray for our country –that we can somehow manage to get out from under all of the mess that we seem to be in.

    • The Socialists in Washington D.C. must go..George Orwell wrote of a New World Order,(1983) he was just20 years ahead of schedule.. Socialism has failed everywhere it has been attempted. Capitalism relies on hard work and innovation while the other relies “working for the common good” andon the re-distribution of wealth,(who does the re-distributing)which will eventually lead to a class system far greater than what wefind under Capitalism. Look at theFORMER Soviet Union as an example..I am still in a state of shock that Americans can be led like sheep to the slaughter, by these…..I have no polite description….people.. As you can see the subject gets me going, and in my opinion, anyone who has served this country and has sworn an oath to defend it from all enemiesFOREIGN and DOMESTIC,should be disgusted with what is going on and should work to oust this group before it is too late. I too pray for this country as all true Americans should be doing in this time of crisis.. Sorry for the diatribe, again.. Jake.


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