I Thought Today

      I know the title sounds like it was an unusual accomplishment.  Yeah like, hey everybody, I had a thought today..Woohoo! Ain’t I special? When actually it was a combination of thoughts. (I multi-tasked) Multiple ideas woven into a single entity.. A process of formulation. (I really impress myself sometimes.)  But that is not what the poem is about. It compares two different types of “intelligence,” common sense and intellect. 

     With the advent of artificial intelligence, the human brain will eventually, become a tool of the machine, rather than vice-versa, and that could lead to devastating circumstances. Even today, our children have spelling deficiencies due to texting and computer slang, abbreviations and acronyms. Many cannot actually “write” as in cursive, not just printing. It is imperative that we exercise the grey matter and protect it from atrophy.

     How about that for a thought?

Have a fantastic Friday,


Hey, is that a thought?
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Intelligence, and common sense,

should never, be confused,

I’ve heard tell, of the brilliant man,

who, could not, tie his shoes.


 And, who would be the smarter,

the intellect of the day,

or, the man there, on the street,

who, when crossing, looks both ways?


 Yes, common sense, is rare today,

and not so common, after all,

we use machines, to think for us,

so, we don’t have to think, at all.


 Jack Downing

July 2009

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Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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4 Responses to I Thought Today

  1. very ciool! I wqs considering this on an level of emotional and artificial or how the stadards of allowance in computers allow workers to be off he hook for totally beibg an asshat.. I do realize they have business to run but lets take for example where Idont live anymore… they tend to forget there is a bunch of humans who are not perfect living htere and while I am able to recognize it is the dickheads that have left witout paying rent who have oh it will be there in 5 days …and taken o ff..I guess they don ot anymore have to realiz on the flip side that there are actually decent humans that are on a spot of trouble through no fault of thir own even for once and willing to work with the conapny and PROVE they are truthful… and they dont care… I hope all the humans move out. I didn;t mean to be so bitter..

    I wanted to tell you about te spelling thing? 8 yo magpie… last year oly missed one word the ENTIRE year. Yes I am a proud mama and I just wante to give you al ittle hope.

    • amongst all my typos lol..

    • There are so many adages that can be applied to the situation that you’ve described…. They, “paint everyone with a broad brush”..”One bad apple spoils the bunch”, “ifyou’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all”..”They are all the same”…etc. etc. We as a society have come to label, catagorize,and stereotype people into groups,because it’s convenientand requires no personal involvement..It is theus or them mentality. But that compassion of days gone by,has been dashed by the unscrupulous, leaving hard-shelled skepticism in its place..I’m sorry for your troubles,and all I can say is pleasekeep trying, and try toremember…”Where there is life, there is hope!” Your are arightfully proud mama,of the “magpie.” She is at least onetreasure, given to you and only you.. I have nothing but prayers andgood wishes for you and your family. God bless, Jake.


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