Blanky-Thanky Time

You know who you are. You, the faithful readers and the new arrivals who give me the motivation to continue on, with your comments and your “like hits” on my blog. To you I send my sincerest thanks. For those of you who choose to use the “Like” button, I cannot respond to you individually, so I occasionally send out a “Blanky-Thanky” for your participation in keeping poemsandponderings up and running..Special thanks go to my regular commentors, you offer me an insight to your thoughts on the subjects at hand, and that is invaluable to me.. So, to all of you, at this time, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for reading the ‘hodge-podge’ of stuff, (I thought of a four letter word, but decided against it) that I throw out there for your perusal.

Thanks again,


Loyalty comes with a price.

The cost is reciprocity.

~Jack Downing~

About poemsandponderings

When I think of what I want for Christmas I wish for this the most I'd like my friends and family to raise a glass in toast. To our health and hearths and to love and joy to each and all both girl and boy! Merry Christmas ~Jack Downing~
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3 Responses to Blanky-Thanky Time

  1. Beth Ann says:

    Been out of the loop a bit and still trying to catch up with the blogosphere—-love this gem!!!

    • Ohh, thanks. I’ve notice you’ve been “quiet” lately.. Has Carlton arrived yet?


      • Beth Ann says:

        Yep—got him here and settled on Saturday night. Trying to keep him entertained and cook him some good meals. Last night’s menu included tilapia and quinoa!! Trying to expand his palate a bit from chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks!

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