The Horrors of the Horoscope

     The following is a thought process that came to me while thinking about this Saturday morning‘s post.

     As I sit today and ponder, about the here and about the yonder, and about the time that I will squander, sitting here in thought and wonder. I pause to think if there was a time, when I didn’t think in rhyme, when all my thoughts were in a line. But now, I can’t resist my sign.

     The “crab” you see, has a grabbed hold of me and my horoscope suggests creativity. Yet still, I remember when my mind was free. Oh, what on earth has it done to me? A blessing or curse I have not clue and only this, I ask of  you, please tell me then, when you’ve read this through. Do you detect a bit, of  the “Taurus” too?

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Please have a super Saturday, everyone. And let’s give a special shout out to Beth Ann over at It’s Just Life on her birthday.

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