The Life and Death of Connor Finnegan (the finale)

       I want to thank all of you who have gotten this far with the poem, it shows great determination and dedication. I promise to lighten it up a little after this one. So, grab that cup of whatever got you through part 1, put your feet up, and see where it goes.

The Life and Death of Connor Finnegan (the finale)

‘And if he could make it,

to the street below,

he’s surely, get away(continued)

The soldier’s scream,

at the dog’s attack,

had brought the others, to the room.

Just at the time,

that Seamus fled,

and not one tick, too soon.

The call to “Halt”,

persuaded him not,

as down the flight he ran.

Bootsteps heavy,

on the stairs behind,

made him a faster man!

Out on the stoop there,

he had paused,

for but, a moment brief.

To left or right to go?

Ah, the church,

was his belief.


Father Pat would be,

the one to see,

and be his saving grace.

So, right it was,

to get away,

and at a frantic pace.

Down on the street, now crowded,

his pursuers,

could fire not.

For fear the violent consequence,

if innocent,

or nay, be shot.


So, Seamus Connelly,

would this time,

avoid their brutal jail.

But, humility tasted,

as the bitter pill,

and they swore, he’d ‘wear the pail’!

The ‘wearing o’ the pail’ you see,

was saved, for those,

they deemed a thorn.

Water dripped incessantly,

upon the head,

whilst, a bucket worn.

Insanity soon would visit,

the poor,

unfortunate one.

And that would be,

for Connelly,

whence, they’d ceased his run.


Father Patrick McNally,

had been raised,

right here, in this town.

He knew the people,

and he knew the Brits.

And he’d let not, his parish down.

So, when Seamus,

came to pounding,

on the church’s door,

Father Pat,

had welcomed him.

For he was Irish, to the core.

But, he also knew the danger,

giving harbor,

to a wanted man.

So, the departure quick,

of Connelly now,

he set about to plan.

Seamus would indeed, be moved,

to a house,

where he could stay.

Until with papers,

and name anew,

be born again, that day.

For Father Pat was not a stranger,

to the ‘Movement’,

and it’s needs.

So, arrangements were made,

for the travel,

and he bid to him, “Godspeed.”

Thus, his journey went with ease,

and he arrived there,

safe and sound.

But, from there,

no trace of him,

would e’er again, be found.

Nevermore, be Seamus Connelly,

to be heard,

nor seen again.

And welcomed to the world,

would be,

one, Connor Finnegan.

His new papers said,

that he was born,

and raised, in County Clare.

Perfect papers, newly forged,

would get him then, to Boston,

or damned near anywhere.

And there cruel irony,

would play a part,

in the death of Connor too!

He’d be shot outside a bar,

for speaking what, was on his mind,

at the closing hour, of two.


                                                                   Jack Downing

                                                                         July 2011

     In spite of the serious and tragic tale you have just read, I would like to wish all of you, the hard-core readers, who made it all the way through to the end ……A HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY……

Google search result for Happy Saint Patrick's Day

    As an added bonus I thought of this today:

     He bought a boat,

 he thought would float,

on the outskirts of St. Lou.

He took it down,

the Mississippi,

and up, the “old Wazoo.”


Copyright© Jack Downing, aka Jake All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted or disseminated in any manner without the expressed written consent of the author. JRD 3/17/12


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Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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7 Responses to The Life and Death of Connor Finnegan (the finale)

  1. says:

    you made my day! tx Jack

  2. wow – I didn’t see that coming (and all the time I had been wondering who the heck Connor Finnegan was). Sad, but a really good story. Well worth the time you put into it.

    • As usual you are too kind…Thanks for reading it though. You’re support is greatly appreciated and certainly welcomed. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you. And have a great weekend. Jake.


  3. Very compelling! Thank you, Jake, for all your efforts and for sharing your another masterpiece to us! And belated Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  4. theuglymoose says:

    That was epic. 🙂

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